Thinking Ahead: Porsche to Create Next-Gen Hypercar

918 Successor’s Delay

Over ten years ago, Porsche revealed that hybrids can be as thrilling as any gasoline-powered performance machines with the release of their 918 Spyder. Despite this impressive introduction, it doesn’t seem like the manufacturer has immediate plans for a compilation. In 2017, they exhibited the 919 Street, an adaptation of the dynamic 919 Hybrid intended to be street legal, but the potential offering never became an official release.

Marcos Marques, Project Supervisor of eFuels at Porsche, recently disclosed that the German marque had planned to make a top-of-the-line vehicle with a dual turbocharged 5.0 liter flat eight motor which would create 750hp. Unfortunately, this one also didn’t pass inspection. If you were questioning when the space left by the discontinuation of the 918 Spyder in 2015 would be replenished, it won’t be occurring swiftly.

During an interview with Motor Trend, a member of the executive team at Porsche’s R&D division suggested that the debut of a new hypercar is not likely until close to the decade’s endpoint. Michael Steiner commented that there is work underway on more advanced batteries being crafted by the subsidiary company, Cellforce Group and that the innovations will be exhibited in the next couple years. It will provide a glimpse into the superior cells which will presumably go towards the firm’s electric vehicles, however further improvement is vital for utilization in a high-performance vehicle.

“When we reach a satisfactory level of volumetric energy density – which is essential for supercars – we will have the opportunity to demonstrate what could be accomplished on the road with a performance that is close to racing [performance]. I have such a car in mind, and we have that concept in mind, but we need to make some further improvements [in terms of technology] from our perspective that make sense.”

It is uncertain as to what the subsequent model of the 918 Spyder shall feature – if it will be exclusively electric or possess some combination of a combustion engine and hybrid powertrain. Nevertheless, its awesomeness should probably be attributed to its prominent electrification.

Whilst Porsche works tirelessly to complete the Macan EV, which is due in 2024, it has also declared their plans for the next generation of their 718 Boxster/Cayman. This iconic duo is set to become electric sports cars by 2025. Furthermore, the Cayenne itself has already been confirmed as an electric model, and it will be accompanied by a bigger three-row electric SUV estimated to be released in 2027.

Source: Motor Trend

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