Third-Party Apps on Audi Systems Without Smartphones

Selected Models Come Equipped w/ MIB 3 Software

Audi has announced that, beginning in the summer of 2023, their vehicles will be furnished with a fresh suite of capabilities – an app store directly available through their Multimedia Interface (MMI). Developed in cooperation with Cariad, a Volkswagen company, this offering is intended to expand the digital features of Audi cars.

Customers of the new store will have the ability to directly and independently download third-party applications onto the MMI, circumventing the need to go through a smartphone.

The shop offering applications deploys an Audi device of USB flash drive dimensions preloaded with a free source system, affording access to third-party programs usable in the motorcar. The purchasable apps can be effortlessly installed in the MMI set-up with no dependence on a mobile phone.

The freshly opened shop provides customers with a selection of applications, such as music, video gaming, traffic navigation, automobile parking and charging, productivity timeframe, weather forecasts, and news reports. When the store launches, shoppers will be able to make use of apps like Amazon Music and Spotify. The roster continues to stay abreast with the changing markets, while fresh additions keep getting included periodically. Users can navigate to the store via a particular MMI icon and pick up any new applications that will subsequently get meshed into the MMI seamlessly so they could be used effortlessly and safely even while driving.

Third-party applications necessitate an information connection established through a built-in SIM card; this is a SIM that is incorruptibly installed in the automobile. For Audi owners in Europe, costs related to employment of the cellular network are billed advantageously via data volume with Cubic Telecom – with the first 25GBs provided at no charge.

“Audi has announced that it will be discontinuing its built-in MMI infotainment system in favor of the option ‘smartphone interface’. This means that while Audi models will still support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, they will no longer feature the MMI system.The move is part of Audi’s plan to modernize its vehicles and make them more intuitive for drivers. The company believes that by relying on the smartphone interface, they can provide a better user experience while also reducing costs.At the same time, Audi models will continue to support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with the option ‘smartphone interface’. The company believes that this will enable them to offer a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for drivers, while also helping to reduce costs.It’s clear that Audi is taking steps to modernize their vehicles and make them more convenient for drivers. By discontinuing the MMI system and replacing it with the ‘smartphone interface’, they are hoping to provide a better user experience while also cutting costs.”

Starting from June, a few chosen Audi cars equipped with the new MIB 3 computer system – the Audi A3, A4/A5, Q5, A6/A7, A8, Q8 E-Tron, and the Audi E-Tron GT – will have access to the Audi app store. This benefit will be extended to other models in 2023. Unfortunately, this facility does not apply to older Audi vehicles.

Source: Audi

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