Tom Brady, Singer, & Hertz Join JOTA for Porsche 963 Le Mans Hypercar

Start Line Ready: Sebring 1000 Miles

Hertz & Singer Vehicle Design recently presented the newest eye-catching livery of the Porsche 963 LMDh car of the JOTA racing team. A team they are proudly sponsoring. This outstanding design was made with great attention to detail. Indeed, it is sure to turn a few heads on their way to the race track.

Crafted by Singer, the fantastic Racing Gold livery has been created to commemorate 100 years since the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours began. This visually striking colour scheme incorporates features from both classic and contemporary auto-racing, and truly does justice to this extraordinary German speedster.

The Hertz Team JOTA partnership with BRADY, the clothing company run by NFL Hall of Famer Tom Brady, has now been confirmed as the official apparel provider for their racing team. Gold, which has historically been linked with Hertz, is also a large part of the new deal, and this shimmering color can be seen across its exhilarating fleet of vehicles.

The appearance showcases the insignias of Hertz and Singer, along with icons from Michelin and DHL.

The Golden Porsche will make its grand debut at the 1000 Miles of Sebring in Florida, the first event featured on the 2023 World Endurance Championship agenda. Crafted expertly with the mastery and skill of Yifei Ye, Antonio Felix da Costa, and Will Stevens, number 38 will race in Sebring, then two further six-hour contests across Europe, preceding the 24 Hours of Le Mans, before tackling the three remaining motorsports events in Italy, Japan, and Bahrain.

“The success of our team has been proven with 10 podiums in the last nine years at the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours race. As a result of the backing of our new partners, we have decided to take on the challenge of the Hypercar class. Hertz Team JOTA will be going up against some of the biggest automakers in the world,” declared David Clark and Sam Hignett, co-owners of JOTA.

“At Le Mans this year, we have a powerful, knowledgeable team. As one of the few privately-backed entries into the category, we are preserving the spirit of Le Mans and we anticipate getting onto the track,” they continued. “We are confident that our team is capable of competing at the highest level and we will do our best to make a good showing.”

Hertz Team JOTA, among others, is going to compete with a hypercar in the 2023 campaign using an anticipated sixteen vehicles within its Hypercar grouping. As a friendly reminder, their 963 LMDh racer will wield a 4.6-litre double-turbocharged V8 producing a mightily impressive 680bhp; this powertrain is based on the engine from Porsche’s iconic 918 Spyder.

Affixed with a steep price point of $2.9 million, the 963 certainly doesn’t come cheap, but for those race teams seeking reassurance provided by readily-obtainable components and assistance, the expense is more than justified. We are eagerly anticipating watching the gold racing car make its debut at Sebring by the end of this month.

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