Vans & Ram Trucks Advance Stellantis Push

Automaker Launches Lineup Oct 23

Later this month, Stellantis will unveil its new global van lineup. The company is set to introduce “reimagined” commercial vehicles from the various brands that are part of its corporate family. Stellantis is hoping to offer a wide selection of vans that are tailored to meet the needs of businesses and individuals around the world. The new lineup is expected to provide customers with more options and features than ever before. With the launch of the new lineup, Stellantis is looking to revolutionize the commercial van market.

Jean-Philippe Imparato, the head of Stellantis’ Commercial Vehicles Business Unit, and Xavier Peugeot, the Senior VP of the same Business Unit, will be the ones leading the October 23 presentation. Accompanying them will be the CEOs of Citroen, Fiat, Opel, Peugeot, Ram, and Vauxhall “for key product unveilings.”

We have absolutely no clue what Stellantis is set to expose. The declaration related to the event features illustrations of models from Ram, Fiat, and Citroen, such as the miniature Ami. Stellantis has highlighted that its lineup of commercial vehicles constitute one segment of the seven diverse segments laid out in the automaker’s 2030 “Dare Forward” blueprint which was brought forward in March of 2022.

It could be possible that a certain Fiat Ducato van might attend the upcoming event. Rumor has it that our photography spies obtained a few snapshots of an advanced version of this machine as it was being tested. Although it originally debuted in 2006, it only became available to United States consumers in 2014 and sported a Ram logo. Taking this into account, we can expect that after the 2023 refreshment, the ProMaster should soon undergo a rather extensive aesthetic revamp.

The van had been noticed sporting camouflage around the front side, disguising the styling updates arriving at its face. The Ducato will potentially get a fresh front bumper, a revitalized grille, and additional cosmetic alterations to the front end. Style might not be obligatory for industrial vehicles, however, performance is definitely essential, and the van might introduce with a hybrid powertrain.

Across the United States, Stellantis has experienced a notable surge in sales of their two commercial vans – Ram ProMaster and ProMaster City. Through the initial nine months of 2023, there had been 60,340 ProMaster sales and 12,333 Ram ProMaster City transactions, demonstrating respective increases of 44 and 21 percent.

The duo are pitting their offerings against the extensively favored Ford Transit and Transit Link. The maker managed to surpass its Ram competitor, having moved 98,052 Transits and 14,124 Transit Connects thus far in the year. Moreover, the Blue Oval has been able to register a remarkable 30,503 sales as of September 2023 for its comprehensive E-Series commercial vehicles.

In two weeks, Stellantis will provide a full overview of their newly “reimagined” commercial vehicles. On Monday, October 23rd, at 9 AM EDT (3 PM CEST), the automaker will be streaming the event and everyone is invited to tune in.

Source: Stellantis

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