VW Offers Free Emergency Services Following Chicago Incident

Emergency Services for 2020+ VWs
Volkswagen is dedicated to supporting you and your families

Volkswagen of America has stated that they will be issuing Volkswagen Car-Net Safe & Secure connected vehicle emergency services free-of-charge for a period of five years. This offering will be available for the majority of 2020 and more current Volkswagen models, effective from June 1st of 2023. Owners will just need to generate a myVW account and comply with the Terms of Service. The coverage will be in effect for five years post the sale date or from June 1st, whichever is after.

Gas-fueled cars with Car-Net technology will be provided with automated crash notifications, emergency help, stolen vehicle finder and anti-theft alerts, and the ID.4 electric version will get only crash notifications as well as assistance in an emergency. Grammatically correct.

This led officers to go several hours without a crucial search element.The recent carjacking event occurring in the Chicago locality has prompted this action. A child was found inside a Volkswagen Atlas which had been stolen. In their statement, police expressed that obtaining the exact location of the vehicle through tracking had been obstructed due to an oversight on their part; as an earlier subscription fee should have been requested before retrieving the vehicle locator data, causing officers to be deprived of a key resource for multiple hours.

“The family was thankfully reunited, but the crime and the process failure are heartbreaking for me,” said Rachael Zaluzec, SVP, Customer Experience & Brand Marketing for Volkswagen of America, Inc. “As a mom and an aunt, I can relate to the anguish that this family must have gone through. It’s hard to put into words how truly sorry I am for what they were forced to endure.”

“At Volkswagen, we understand that we must and will do better for everyone who has placed their trust in our brand and for the law enforcement officers who are responsible for protecting us. We are committed to conducting a thorough investigation into what went wrong and taking the necessary steps to ensure that it does not happen again. Moreover, we want to create a sense of security for our customers in the future,” Zaluzec declared. “That is why today, we are establishing a new benchmark for customer assurance.”

Volkswagen’s Car-Net Safe & Secure program provides motorists with access to emergency aid through its ‘SOS’ button found in the car. Additionally, it allows them to contact the Car-Net service center, which can assign emergency personnel to their precise location and alert their specified emergency contacts. Moreover, the automated accident notification reaches out to an operator who is capable of getting help fast in case of a crash.

Source: Volkswagen

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