VW Touareg Glows Electric in Arctic Night Sky

Porsche Cayenne Gets Major Update

Volkswagen has revealed that a prototype of their forthcoming Touareg SUV has been testing near the Arctic Circle in anticipation of its debut this summer. The camouflaged vehicle was featured underneath the displaying northern lights in a digital neon camouflage akin to the VW ID.7 model seen at CES just last month.

Just before its introduction, VW gave us a glimpse of the Touareg in the form of the video below, which demonstrates the SUV covering snow and icy terrains while producing just a murmur of noise. However, US customers will be pleased to learn that it will additionally come as an electrified Touareg R eHybrid halo performance variant – something that wasn’t accessible previously with the VW Atlas nor today with its missing VR6 option.

The newest edition of the Touareg will be the inaugural Volkswagen model in Europe with an illuminated VW badge at its back – a feature that has previously been available in the US. Additionally, its front is equipped with the new IQ.LIGHT HD Matrix style headlights, feating 38,400 micro LEDs between the two clusters for a total of 19,200 lights per headlight. This technology is likely identical to that utilised on the upcoming iteration of the Porsche Cayenne. Thanks to this highly accurate definition composed by each LED pixel, the lights can strongly illustrate the road ahead without dazzling other drivers.

What’s on the exterior matters less in comparison to what lies beneath. With this, the new Touareg is equipped with a majorly updated platform – that of which is also used with the new Porsche Cayenne. This advanced architecture will be highly digitalized, featuring brand-new sensors to make it practical in every way conceivable. For example, a new roof box sensor has been included to recalibrate stability control, etc., based on weight added up top.

In terms of the suspension, with steel springs standard, there is an alternative 2-chamber air suspension that is accessible as an option.

The interior of the new model has been completely upgraded with the introduction of the “Innovision Cockpit” which features a 15-inch touchscreen display. This cutting-edge system, when combined with the virtual cockpit, offers lane-precise navigation, hi-res map data, voice control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration (wireless in both cases) and more. Volkswagen listened to customer feedback and tailored the interior ergonomics, making the armrests and center console cladding softer than ever before.

Volkswagen is touting the new Touareg as an all-rounder that “masters long distances as well as everyday life.” According to the manufacturer, this vehicle is a perfect balance of performance and convenience, making it a great choice for those who need to travel long distances and also need a reliable ride for their daily commute. VW believes the Touareg will be an excellent option for those looking for a car that can handle both.

It’s unlikely that the next Touareg will make its way to the U.S., following in the footsteps of its prior iterations. However, Americans can look forward to the significantly redesigned VW Atlas which will appear in 2024.

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