Winning With Blazer & Leaf Blower: No Prep Racing

Chevy Blazer: Cleetus Revs Drag Racer to Launch Fast

Cleetus McFarland is back to his YouTube station offering us some serious SUV adventuring by way of a Chevrolet Tahoe and Blazer.

People cognizant with the badge’s accomplishments recognize that the Tahoe comes furnished with a LT4 supercharged LS motor and a 10-speed transmission, allowing an expedient ride in the Sports Utility Vehicle.

They’ve generated a great deal of horsepower, producing a loud roar; now, this potent powertrain is up for grabs in their current giveaway. To show off its potential, the team put it on the dynometer to demonstrate how much strength they were getting out of it.

Subsequently in the footage they take out the other SUV – the Chevrolet Blazer – for some coaching in ‘No Prep’ drag racing in preparation for an upcoming secret activity that will certainly be unveiled in an ensuing part.

We Tried "No Prep" Racing With Our Supercharged LS Blazer and It Was NOT Easy To Go Fast!!!

The dyno gets the green Tahoe tested through some rounds to observe how much strength it can create – it has currently been prepped with an E85 fuel blend and is eager to develop some power.

The initial trial produced 545 horsepower and 608 pound-feet of torque, restricted to 6100 revolutions per minute and possessing an ethanol composition of close to 37 percent. It can only get better, and it does; the subsequent effort offered 562 hp and 614 lb-ft, but ultimately they reached 632 hp and 634 lb-ft in the third iteration.

This handy SUV is sure to bring joy to whoever is lucky enough to take it home.

An iconic and durable first-generation Chevy Tahoe has a typical value of roughly $18,000—with some models selling for even more than that. The Tahoe was available with either a 5.7 liter V8 or any two of two types of diesel engines, including the large, powerful 6.5 liter Detroit Diesel.

Next, the shadowy Chevy Blazer is to be prepared for its impending clandestine assignment.

It seems that the squad must utilize a narrow driveway as a spot to attempt some “No Prep” releases, which necessitates lots of experimentation and error, as well as a smidge of their own preparation via a leaf blower and some preparing fluid.

No Prep racing involves drag competitions on an untreated track, with no chemicals applied to the asphalt. This type of racing necessitates more mastery, as the driver must modify the vehicle to handle the exact grip level and qualities of the pavement.

The team in the video test different take-off maneuvers to determine how quickly they could make the Blazer move. Prior to the experiment, the track was treated with a substance to assist with gaining traction from the start line in addition to clearing any debris.

The SUV shows a lot of capability, evident from some swift manoeuvres down the pathway – sarcastically nicknamed ‘wide’ due to its limited space – which is far from obstruction-free. However, for ultimate performance further optimization is necessary, plus an addition of a grille.


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