Wisconsin’s Nude Car Knob Showcase

Car for Nudist Resort?

This month in Cambridge, WI, a recreational association is hosting its customary Nude Car Exhibition. Combining two actions that most people have never considered uniting, it appears there are naturists out there who not only appreciate fantastic vehicles but also, to say the least, exhibiting everything.

This exposition is going to transpire at the Valley View Recreation Club, a camping spot that apparently specializes in providing naturist activities and services, organizing happenings like bare golf cart competitions, nude volleyball tournaments, and of course, a nudie car exhibition.

No indication has been given about whether the car expo will have a specific motif, yet now we’re wondering what sorts of vehicles the individuals will be bringing. We wouldn’t be surprised if these weren’t sportscar fans, since recent studies demonstrate they tend to possess much smaller members.

This occasion is occurring from August 10-13 and will include various activities, cuisines, and vehicles over the course of four days. According to the site of the location, all participants of this event are expected to strictly abide by a dress code of no clothing, granting comfy access to the festivities.

The recreational site adheres stringently to its clothing-optional regulations. Cellphones and cameras are strictly prohibited while on the premises, and all visitors must adhere to a code of conduct that is respectful or risk being asked to leave. Although it is an event held annually, there is not much data available on how many years this has been taking place or which vehicles have been popular victors over the years, mostly owing to a dearth of visuals.

We are delighted to witness individuals of every variety rejoicing at the beauty and exhilaration offered by cars. As this advertisement has been everywhere on the internet, it’s no wonder there have been many comments, not all with a tint of humor.

We really have no right to be interfering in what people do on their own time and within their own space. It’s that old adage, “This is America,” which, thank goodness, gives us the liberty to act and revel however we want as long as it does not cause any damage. Car culture should not be a judgemental one; we are all here for the love of automobiles after all.

Well, let us say kudos to them! We sincerely wish that the proprietors would bring out some sweet cars at an event such as this. Could convertibles be an apt choice? Or do you desire a hard-top with air conditioning? It is August and very likely to be scorching; thus, sitting in a sizzling metal door or a vinyl seat would genuinely be uncomfortable.

It would be considerably unpleasant if a Mustang or Camaro had an accident while they were going out; that make for an uneasy discussion with law enforcement.

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