Witness 6,000 Sheep Jamming Wyoming’s Highway

Cowboy Life in the Great State
Sea of Sheep Causes Traffic Jam in Wyoming || ViralHog

It was reminiscent of a classic western movie: hundreds of sheep, gathered in a herd, caused a spectacular traffic jam in Cokeville, Wyoming on an icy winter day. This momentous occurrence was caught on camera and consequently posted to ViralHog.

The Cowboy State, Wyoming, is home to the ninth largest area of all US states, but unfortunately with only approximately 600,000 inhabitants, it is the one with the least citizens. This has brought the advantage that traffic congestion is almost unheard of in this expansive land.

The footage displays a cowboy riding atop his horse, whilst herding a flock of sheep down a central roadway. This outlandish behaviour incited a delay for vehicles, which included the individual who taped the video.

It is not unusual for ranchers in Wyoming to take advantage of public roads for the back-and-forth transporting of their herds between pastures or winter grazing areas. This tradition of driving cattle along highways can be traced all the way back to the pioneering era of ranching across the US West. At that time, dedicated cowhands made use of any and all possible methods to bring their animals to a new place.

In 2023, the image of sheep hindering a thoroughfare may be seen as preposterous by some; however, for the denizens of Wyoming, it’s only another typical day in their lives, where cowboy lifestyle still flourishes.

This is not the only peculiar incident to take place upon the highway. Through all the everyday experiences like the first snowfall inducing multiple crashes in Denver, there were some that happened to be extraordinary. For instance, last August in Memphis on Interstate 55, a semi-truck overturned and spilled its load of alfredo sauce jars onto the road. This potentially dangerous and awfully fragranced occurrence called for the closure of a few lanes of traffic until it could be cleaned up from the ground.

Meanwhile, an accident involving a semi-truck in Texas in 2019 resulted in milk being spilled on the highway. It was in some ways luckier, however, as it happened during the early morning hours when traffic on the road was almost non-existent, making the cleaning up effort much easier.

Source: ViralHog via YouTube

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