Witness Tesla Model Y Creation at Giga Shanghai

Tesla’s Fast Model Y Assembly in China: 2.5 Hours!
EXCLUSIVE: Experiencing "Tesla speed" at Shanghai gigafactory

Recently, a video released by New China TV offered an inside glimpse into Giga Shanghai as it goes about manufacturing the Tesla Model Y. Needless to say, the footage displays an interview occurring in the background of the fabiously productive electric car plant located in China.

Tesla has long been lauded for its advanced production methods, and Toyota has seemingly taken note of this. CEO Elon Musk has stated repeatedly that the firm holds a competitive edge mainly thanks to its manufacturing expertise. To keep up with demand, Tesla two new installations were opened, situated in Germany and Texas respectively, plus they only recently declared plans to put up a Mexican plant.

Tesla’s primary facility remains busy in Fremont, California, although Giga Shanghai in China is likely Tesla’s most pivotal and prosperous factory up to this point. Not only do they churn out electric vehicles for the domestic market, which is the biggest on Earth, but also for different countries.

The nearly 30-minute video contains all sorts of important details, but its key focus is on “Tesla Speed.” We gain an insight into just how quickly Tesla can manufacture the world’s most popular electric vehicle, the Tesla Model Y.

In the on-screen footage, the presenter questions about the amount of time that it takes for Tesla to construct their Model Y electric crossover car at their production plant in China. Reportedly, from the starting station to the eventual conclusion of the last assembly can be achieved in just two and a half hours. A representative from Giga Shanghai offered the following in an interview:

Though it may appear to be a substantial amount of time since you were likely informed that automobiles are manufactured every few minutes in some cases, this is not necessarily the situation. Those figures do not take into account the complete production process, typically lasting between eighteen and 35 hours just one vehicle.

Tesla already appears to have an immense advantage over the majority of carmakers in terms of production, and they are constantly accelerating their factories and growing operations. The corporation has yet to fully transition to its new Gigacasting system and structure-based batteries, which would noticeably increase velocity. Furthermore, Tesla is operating on a more compact platform which will cost much less to assemble, thus speeding up fabrication significantly.

As indicated in an internal render obtained by Teslarati, which Reuters distributed, Tesla China is looking to expedite output to 20,000 electrical cars every week with immediate effect. If they can achieve such a target, the vehicle company will be able to assemble around 80K Model 3 and Model Y EVs in a month, serving both local and international markets.

Source: New China TV (YouTube) via Teslarati


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