1968 Chevy Camaro: Refined Restomod

Reworked Chevy: LS Power, No Character Lines

For some motor fanatics, having a standard classical muscle vehicle is not adequate; the urge for a one-of-a-kind ride becomes paramount. This is certainly what happened to Bob and his restored mod 1968 Chevrolet Camaro, which has been documented in a recently released YouTube recording put together by Lou Costabile.

As restomods become increasingly popular in the classic car scene, Bob has gone far beyond the norm with over a hundred modifications made to the car’s original specs. The audience is spared from hearing every minutiae, yet the fifteen-minute presentation still manages to showcase the impressive effort that has gone into the project.

1968 Chevrolet Camaro aka Entaro Project LS3 6 Speed in Blue & Ride My Car Story with Lou Costabile

A glance at the exterior LED lighting and billet aluminum hood vents is the first sign that this Indigo Blue Ink Chevrolet isn’t a typical model. However, it would take an experienced Camaro enthusiast to recognize the modifications made to the body.

Bob details that his five-year restomod project comprised of adjustments being made to every external panel. He continued by stating that traditional features along the bonnet and doors were smoothed out. In addition, a performance shop team eradicated the rain gutters, stripped away the outside trimmings, and modified the windows to be flush-fitted.

Meanwhile, the bumper was altered and revamped for a more sophisticated back end. There is even a classy rear spoiler provided by Dave Kindig. All this lends to an effortless look for this 1968 Chevy Camaro.

Bob’s restomod alterations have a not-so-subtle presence within the automobile. The dashboard remains its basic shell, however, everything else in the interior exudes a contemporary feel. Seats, LCD infotainment touchscreen and push button start are anything but typical of a first generation Camaro. According to Bob, even the digital gauges benefit from newly installed wiring.

The compartment of this 1968 Chevrolet Camaro has still seen a lot of effort. It is crafted to match the interior, and fitted with padded panels for concealing the loudspeaker as well as the battery.

It’s only seemly that Bob’s Camaro would be bestowed with an entire restomod creation beneath the hood. Altering the slow, obsolete engine to a roaring sliver LS3 V8, containing a six speed Tremec transmission. No definite stats on the horsepower have been reported, leading to speculation, however, as the LS3 engine in the C6 Corvette is inherently rated at 430 hp in it’s unrestored state.

Complementing this Chevy-manufactured motor is a collection of custom headers and valve covers. Refined chrome and aluminum adornments also blend in with the remainder of the vehicle’s look. Concluding the aesthetic is an assembly of neatly formed lines and hoses.

YouTube vlogger Lou Costabile is an admired personality in the online sphere. Renowned for both his quirky humor and insightful content, he has gained a dedicated following of many millions of subscribers throughout his career.Lou Costabile, the well-liked YouTube vlogger, is famous for his amusing puns and interesting videos. His long-time reputation on the internet has earned him a legion of devoted followers, resulting in numerous millions of viewers across his social media channels.

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