Kia EV3 Unveiled on May 23: What’s New?

Electric compact SUV priced around $32,000.
The Kia EV3 | Teaser Film

[Update] Fresh teaser video included above.

The market for electric cars appears to be calming down following a period of expansion. Nevertheless, Kia’s aggressive push into the electric vehicle realm is continuing according to plan, with additional models in development. The upcoming addition will be Kia’s most affordable zero-emission option yet: The EV3. Revealed as a concept last November at the Los Angeles Auto Show, it is now nearing its official debut.

Recent photos reveal the finalized electric crossover before its official unveiling on May 23. The sharp design with vertical front and rear sections adorned with unique lights remains largely unchanged from what was shown last year. It is likely that the EV3 will closely resemble the concept, with around 90 percent similarity, except for slightly larger side mirrors and the inclusion of door handles.

Kia is expected to make slight adjustments to the bumpers and provide various wheels, however, the fundamental design concept will remain unchanged. Generally, the style is anticipated to resemble a smaller version of the new EV5/EV5 GT, which won’t be available in the United States.

While these sneak peeks are centered on the outside appearance, the Concept EV3 revealed everything in pictures displaying a simple cabin with hardly any physical controls. The upcoming production model probably won’t be as stripped down as this, particularly considering that Korean automakers still include traditional buttons and knobs in their newest vehicles, which is a welcome sight.

Even though it will utilize the E-GMP platform found in the larger EV6 and EV9 models, the new vehicle is not expected to have an 800-volt system. Reports suggest it will opt for a 400-volt configuration similar to the EV5. As a result, high-speed charging capabilities should not be anticipated. The EV5, which is not available in America, offers a 30 to 80 percent charge in 27 minutes, while the EV6 can achieve 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes.

Ever since Kia unveiled the concept in LA, it would be logical to introduce the EV3 in the United States. When the crossover was first revealed, global product team leader Min Woo Park mentioned to our sister site InsideEVs: “We’re still studying that.” According to Automotive News, last month the model was estimated to be priced at around $32,000. In order to be eligible for the complete $7,500 incentive, it would need to be manufactured in North America.

According to reports, the EV3 could potentially be manufactured at Kia’s factory in Monterrey, Mexico, alongside the upcoming K4 model. If it meets the requirements for a federal tax credit, this could reduce the initial price to $24,500. Even if production doesn’t take place locally, the tax credit would still apply for lease agreements.

Source: Kia


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