Witness the Ferrari 296 GTB Reach 218 MPH on the Autobahn

Exceeding Top Speed: V-6 Ferrari’s Unmatched Performance and Impressive Sound
FERRARI 296 GTB // 352KMH - 220MPH // 830HP V6 Hybrid on AUTOBAHN!

Ferrari has not provided a precise top speed for its mid-engine 296 GTB. It is officially stated to exceed 205 mph, an oddly exact figure that implies it may not be faster than that. However, a recently released video by AutoTopNL demonstrates that reaching 205 mph (330 kph) is only the beginning of this car’s capabilities.

Skip to the 4:45 timestamp and you will witness a free run where the Ferrari accelerates from a complete stop to 205 mph in just 21 seconds, according to our stopwatch. Even at that stage, the car is still accelerating significantly.

The highest speed is demonstrated at the conclusion of the video. It is likely that this speed is very close to the 296’s true maximum. As the run progresses, the digital display gradually increases from 350 to 352 kph. When traveling at such high speeds, there could be potential inaccuracies with the speedometer, and unfortunately, there is no GPS data provided for verification. Despite a margin of error, it is evident that this hybrid vehicle is exceptionally fast.

The sound is impressive as well. The twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 engine is roaring, producing 654 horsepower by itself. When combined with the electric motor from the hybrid powertrain, the total output increases to 818 hp. This engine has a 120-degree configuration and can rev up to 8,500 rpm. If you weren’t aware, you might mistake the car in the video for having a V-12 engine. A dual-clutch gearbox with eight speeds powers only the rear wheels, but the top speed is reached in seventh gear during this run.

We were aware that the 296 GTB had impressive speed capabilities, however, this video demonstrates that it is a genuine speed aficionado when provided with sufficient space. We eagerly anticipate Ferrari introducing an upgraded edition with increased power.

Source: AutoTop NL / Motorsport.TV

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