Recap of the Inaugural A2RL Event

Inaugural Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League debuts at Yas Marina on Saturday, April 27.
Behind the Scenes of A2RL’s Autonomous Racing

Following a week of anticipation and numerous practice rounds, the inaugural A2RL squads finally reached the moment they had eagerly anticipated: the first-ever competition in a brand-new high-octane motorsport.

Leading up to the competition, teams were practicing on the track at high speeds to prepare their autonomous vehicles for the upcoming race. Observing the driverless cars racing down Yas Marina’s main straight was a common sight, with each team fine-tuning their programming for the main race.

On the event day, the track was bustling with energy. A Fanzone filled with gaming, Virtual Reality experiences, and exhibits related to racing welcomed the numerous fans who attended the occasion. As anticipation for the race escalated, the stands along the start/finish line were full of enthusiastic spectators – whether male, female, or children, A2RL embraced everyone.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Daniil Kvyat, a former F1 racer, delighted spectators with demonstration laps in a manual-driven version of the A2RL’s Dallara-chassised Super Formula car. He then proceeded to showcase the impressive capabilities of Dallara’s Stradale supercar on the track. The vehicles were not only visually stunning but also emitted a fantastic sound.

Kvyat was not present just for a leisurely track day, but to participate in the first event of the evening: Man v Machine. In this challenge, he would compete against A2RL’s home team, TII, to highlight the distinction between a human driver and a machine-driven car. TII’s vehicle is considered the most advanced autonomous racer available, having been meticulously developed by the ASPIRE Group since the inception of the series. Although the autonomous car put on an impressive performance, Kvyat showcased that, for now, human drivers still have the edge over machines. However, he acknowledged that this might change in the future. Reflecting on the event, Kvyat stated, “It’s a remarkable engineering achievement. Watching these cars navigate the track at a competitive speed is truly impressive. Sharing the track, even though we were cautious to coexist safely, without taking any unnecessary risks, is crucial. Ultimately, competition is the driving force behind progress.”

Following this, it was time for the competition to begin. Out of the eight teams, only four–Italian teams PoliMOVE and Unimore, along with Germany’s TUM and Constructor (which also represents Switzerland)–made it to the final round. The eyes and ears of the world were focused on the event, eagerly waiting to witness who would be the first to create a historic moment.

The vehicles had been posting times approximately two minutes faster than the race. While a human could navigate slightly quicker in the same vehicle, the qualifying rounds demonstrated that a car can autonomously maneuver around Yas Marina. In the initial stages of the race, the four competing teams were cooperating well with each other – A2RL’s objective is for self-driving cars to imitate human-driven ones: overtaking, excitement, and mishaps are part of the competition – with PoliMOVE aiming for victory. However, disaster struck on the fifth lap of the eight-lap final. The bright green Italian car came to a sudden stop, then veered towards the wall – luckily, it did not collide with it.

The race came to a halt due to the inactivity of PoliMOVE, prompting all cars to return to the pits for a restart to complete the remaining three laps. Unfortunately, the PoliMOVE car did not rejoin the race. In its absence, Italian team Unimore took the lead… until their car faced the same issue and stopped suddenly. The race continued without interruption this time, allowing German team TUM to seize victory, claim a portion of the $2.25 million prize fund, and secure a place in the history books as the inaugural winner of A2RL. Constructor, also from Germany, finished in second place, while Unimore managed to secure third place.

The competition didn’t unfold as expected, however, at one point, four cars were cruising around Yas Marina without any drivers. Despite the initial mishap, it provided a promising start to lay the groundwork for the upcoming event in 2025.


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