Rev Up Your Passion for Cars with This Must-Have Book!

New Book Smithology by Automotive Writer Sam Smith: A Must-Have for Motor Enthusiasts!

At Motor1, we make every effort to provide unbiased reviews. However, there are rare cases where bias is unavoidable. I will attempt to remain impartial for just one sentence:

This is unquestionably a piece of literature.

In my opinion, this book is excellent, a must-have collection from one of the finest automotive authors in the industry, our pal Sam Smith.

The book is titled “Smithology: Reflections, Journeys, and Partially Believable Automotive Essays”. It is available for purchase on Amazon either in paperback format or for your Kindle device.

If you have a passion for automobiles and haven’t had the chance to read Sam’s work, then I can assure you that this book will captivate you. For car enthusiasts who are acquainted with Sam’s articles in Road & Track, Hagerty, Esquire, and The New York Times, it is likely that you already have a copy of this book resting on your nightstand. Make sure to also check out Sam’s amazing podcast dedicated to racing and cars, named It’s Not the Car.

In an email to Motor1, Sam provided an overview of the book.

“My book is an anthology, a curation of some of my favorite stories from the last 20 years. It’s divided into five themed sections, with an introductory and lightly biographical essay (a new piece of writing) opening each section. The excerpt I’ve prepared for The Motorsport Network comes from the second of those essays. The complete version heads a section titled ‘The Machines.'” The collection I have compiled is a selection of stories that have resonated with me over the past two decades. It is organized into five distinct sections, each with its own theme. At the beginning of every section, readers will find an introductory essay that offers a glimpse into my life and thoughts. The particular excerpt that I am sharing with The Motorsport Network is from the essay that introduces the section titled ‘The Machines.’

True to his humble nature, Sam’s pitch email downplays his writing talent. Smith stands out as one of the few contemporary automotive writers who truly injects personality into his work. He has assembled an impressive array of travel narratives, columns, and reflections. I once witnessed him driving an F1 car at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the memory still stings with envy. Additionally, Sam has shared captivating stories from numerous other exciting driving experiences.

This hefty tome contains over 400 pages of fresh, unique content, along with a curated collection of his preferred pieces from publications and online sources.

The following passage is an excerpt from Smithology, shared by The Sam Himself. It recounts the incident when he had a mishap with a Ford GT. If you appreciate this excerpt, consider giving the book a read. Few automotive writers infuse their writing with the same level of passion, humor, and humanity as Sam does.

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