‘1979 Honda CBX 1000 Motorbike Discovered by YouTuber’

Junkyard Find: First 6-Cylinder Motorcycle.

Car devotees and motorcycle aficionados may not always be on the same page, yet that doesn’t alter the fact that they both have an intense appreciation for motorsports and a fondness for engines as well as the exhilaration of zooming along the highway, track, or off-roading.

Superstar Tom Cruise is a huge fan of both cars and motorcycles, demonstrating that a garage can accommodate speed and style enthusiasts simultaneously.

The team at Junkyard Resurrection exemplify this mentality, mainly focusing their attention to reviving classic motorcars and trucks although they occasionally enjoy a rare motorbike. In an updated video on their YouTube channel, the blokes stumble upon a 1979 Honda CBX 1000, an unquestionably classic bike with an unprecedented inline 6-cylinder engine, in Fueled Motorworks shop in Edmonton, Canada.

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The team at Junkyard Resurrection visit Fueled Motorworks and chat with the shop proprietor about a pristine 1979 Honda CBX 1000 motorcycle. He notes its uncommon V6 engine and points out that it was only manufactured for three years, making it quite extraordinary with just around three thousand being made in the United States. This example had been left in storage untouched by the owner for two to three decades following the purchase of it new.

The proprietor brought the bike to Fueled Motorworks last winter for a complete refurbish. Extracting the engine with the intention of rebuilding the carburetor, unclouding the corrosion from the fuel tank, and performing an entire brake repair were only some of the tasks that had to be performed on this vintage Honda motorcycle.

The effort was certainly worth it, for the Bike is now in excellent shape. Yet, there remains a minor issue with a dent near the Honda logo, resulting from mishandling during transportation.

The Honda CBX was a standout in Honda’s motorcycle lineup during the late ’70s and early ’80s, and it certainly wasn’t designed with practicality in mind. With its 1,047 cc engine, Honda had one goal in mind: “to build the fastest production motorcycle for sale anywhere in the world”. The result was an impressive machine that clearly achieved its purpose, as the CBX quickly became a favorite among speed-seeking bikers.

The air-cooled, transverse in-line 6-cylinder engine generated an impressive 105 hp and a remarkable 63 ft-lbs of torque. This was an extraordinary power level for a bike back during this period, especially when taking into account that the most current Honda CB1000R delivers barely any more than 140 hp.

It is well known that small-engined bikes tend to be optimum starter sport cycles. The Honda CBX, which was based on motorsport competition winners, was specially produced with maximum velocity and proficiency in mind.

The Honda CBX is legendary due to its motor. Its powertrain, the first in-line six-cylinder motor available for a standard bike, was directly derived from Honda’s motorsport arm. The high-revving double overhead camshaft engine came equipped with six Keihin continuous velocity carburetors.

Namely, the roar of all six cylinders is one-of-a-kind. From the iconic styling to its unparalleled speed, it’s no surprise that the 1979 Honda CBX 1000 remains cherished in many hearts. Reckoned with what’s available today – hyperbikes with their highly-developed engines and high amount of vigor – the CBX was as nippy as they come.

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