2024 Buick Envision: Wildcat-Inspired Look, Super Cruise Tech

Preview of Facelift’s Transformation

Buick has released a sneak peek of the modified 2024 Buick Envision, anticipated to arrive later in 2021 emulating the Wildcat concept fascia that was presented on the current Encore GX SUV. The revamped Envision will also be the first Buick to incorporate the Super Cruise option as a potential extra. Nevertheless, more information shall come out soon regarding that specific feature.

The etched font façade, combined with a radiant radiator grille and skinny halogen headlights, gives the Envision an exquisite essence and sets it in line with the Encore GX and spanking new Envista. The updated Buick logo is stand out on the bonnet. Seen underneath here in the premier Avenir trimming, the Envision is an aesthetically appealing SUV – though some may not be captivated by the expansive maw look induced by the renovated grille.

The Envision will be the inaugural Buick to offer Super Cruise in North America. This innovative driver assistance system makes it possible to drive hands-free across 400,000 miles of roads within the US and Canada. Despite being acclaimed as one of the greatest features of its kind, while taking a lengthy journey, we noticed that the technology wasn’t flawless.

The Envision won’t be the only one to embrace an update – far from it! Note-worthy features include a digital driver’s display, a redesigned steering wheel, which we got wind of last year. Additionally, chances are very high that the dashboard will be updated as well, including a greater infotainment screen and more elegant switchgear.

The updated Envision is the third of five imminent Buick vehicles arriving in the near future.

The ongoing Enclave has been around since 2018 and received a makeover in 2022, so it is likely that a brand-new model will be available by late 2024. Buick is focussed on making its entrance into the increasingly expanding electric vehicle industry, and an EV bearing the label Electra is due to launch in 2021.

One can only hope that Buick will acquiesce to the desire of aficionados and choose to bring the dazzling LaCrosse sedan to our countries. At the moment, it is exclusively created with the saloon-loving people from China in mind.

Returning to the Envision, the 120-year-old car maker anticipates distributing additional information and particulars during 2023. One can assume better comfort and engines that could feature electrification. Bear in mind that the current Envision range begins at $33,400. There is only one engine option: a turbocharged 2.0-liter offering 228 horsepower coupled to a nine-speed automatic transmission.

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