2024 Cadillac CT5: New Front Design Spotted

Odd Exhaust Protrusions on Prototype

Having been on the roads for about four years now, it looks as though the famous Cadillac CT5 is getting set to receive an update! Our informants recently spotted a disguised prototype near the GM Proving Grounds in Milford, Michigan. To our surprise, the coverings of this model was a lot thicker than what one may expect from just a mid-cycle restyling. Even so, it did not manage to conceal much apart from the outer edges of the rear lights.

A massive transformation has arrived at the front of the Cadillac CT5 for 2024! The headlights look remarkably reminiscent to that of the newly introduced XT4. These new lights now appear unified, unlike the old horizontal LED strip running between them. Additionally, the bumper patterns have been reworked as well – particularly the lower air intake and black glossy details.

Bearing in mind that this is merely a facelift, it appears that the side view will remain unchanged except for some new alloy wheels, slightly obscured by camouflage tape on the spokes. The rear of the car looks much as it did before; that said, the protrusions in the exhaust tips are probably linked to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) portable emissions measuring system.

Our intelligence agents were unable to secure the prototype’s interior, nevertheless sound judgement surmises that the CT5 will be the next Cadillac variation to be furnished with the 33-inch display witnessed earlier this week in the Chinese created 2nd iteration of the CT6. Of course, the high-end CT5-V will also receive an identical combination of advancements on both the inner and outer sides, allowing it to accommodate whatever portion of the sports sedan market is left in the United States.

It is anticipated that by the close of 2021 or commencing in early 2024, a divulgence will be made.

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