2024 Dacia Duster Spotted in Production Body

Disc Brakes, Hidden Door Handles Discovered

Earlier this month, the low-cost division of Renault – Dacia – made an announcement to reveal the third-generation Duster come 2024. It will be an entirely new crossover vehicle, transitioning to the centralised platform CMF-B, colloquially known as the “Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance”. To be fabricated in Mioveni, Romania, the economical subcompact model has recently caused frenzied anticipation from car paparazzi, being caught on film undergoing testing with a full revamp of its exterior.

It looks to be bigger than the existing model and features inspiration from Dacia’s Bigster concept. This is expected to transmute into Dacia’s initial C-segment vehicle when it hits stores in 2025, being manufactured at the similar Romanian plant. As the outgoing Duster measures 4.32 meters (170 inches) long, its successor will have open space for growth as the Bigster stretches around 4.6 meters (181 inches).

The 2024 Duster has been revealed with its full production body and final lights, and it’s a huge step forward for the company – it features rear disc brakes, something that hasn’t been seen on a Dacia since the Renault 8-based 1100 was sold in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It also appears to have “hidden” rear door handles like the Bigster, although the camouflage may be playing tricks on us.

The current-generation Duster rides on 17-inch rims covered in Continental 215/65 all-season tires and retains its ample ground clearance. The turn signals have now been shifted to the side mirror caps while the wheel arches have taken on a more squared silhouette, adding to the car’s bold appeal. In addition, some of the images depict the distinctive lighting modules of the taillights and we can also spot a part of the front LED light bar.

With the CMF-B platform, Dacia will be capable of retailing its Duster model accompanied with a range of hybrid powertrains, involving a PHEV configuration. A full hybrid may not be available initially; however, its Jogger tailored estate has already been made electrified. The less costly iterations should remain complete with front-wheel drive as well as the upper tier models facilitated with AWD.

The Renault Group is moving along on its transition from diesels, creating curiosity of what engine will replace it in their no-frills SUV. Another question that has come up is whether they’ll produce a pickup truck this time around.

Source: CarPix


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