2024 Ford Raptor R Spied!

New Truck Revealed: Grille, Fascia, and More.

Technically speaking, these images here are covert pictures. Unless you give them a closer look, it seems that this Ford F-150 Raptor R will effortlessly blend among other automobiles on the pavement. Although it’s virtually impossible for any Raptor R with its giant ‘R’ symbol to be overlooked, the ordinary bystander may not recognize that it is indeed an updated edition from 2024 that comes with modified styling. Even still, for us observers, there is much more evident.

Our spies have uncovered a Raptor R in the streets of Dearborn near the Ford international base of operations. It wasn’t like any already available for purchase. We were aware that the F-150 was scheduled to have aesthetic upgrades next year, with its corresponding Raptor and ultra-potent Raptor R versions. Several constrained cars wearing some form of camo have been spotted by secret seers, yet this is the first one we’ve witnessed with nothing concealing it. Additionally, it looks as though Ford has decided to take no measures to hide the fact that this vehicle is a Raptor R.

So, what stands out? The facelift indeed alters appearance of the truck primarily from the front. The grille is notably different with a haggard mesh on display, and big Ford lettering that felt slightly bigger and was distinctly noticeable. Although similar on the side, the corners containing the headlights sport new internal elements. Beside this, the lower bumper providing a slimmer presence at the ends while having added vertical slats in the core.

At the back, we perceive a notable difference in the tail-lights. As can be observed in the face, the form is equal; nevertheless, the design and components are brand-new for the 2024 year model. Furthermore, it’s noteworthy of mentioning the significant Raptor R logo on the bedside, which also constitutes an alteration for the forthcoming issue.

Everything about this pickup isn’t revealed yet. According to our detective source, parts of the dash are still concealed with camouflage. Inside views through the side window aren’t accessible right now, but according to previous spy shots of the F-150, it looks like a bigger portrait-oriented centre touchscreen is around the corner as well as some other slight changes in trim.

One can’t expect Ford to meddle with its already effective supercharged 5.2L V-8 motor: that would be the only way to snatch the top spot of ‘most-powerful’ off-road vehicle from Ram’s TRX. Anyway, a mere tiny adjustment is all that’s needed as the Raptor R already has 700 horsepower contrasted to the 702 of the TRX.

Don’t be surprised when the contemporary F-150, such as the Raptor objects, unveils its grand entrance. It is estimated that this should occur soon.

Source: Automedia

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