2024 Mercedes-AMG GT Plug-In Hybrid Spied

Reinventing AMG’s Legendary 911 Fighter

It was on the 21st of January 2022 that our agents observed the all-new Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe for the initial occasion. Fast forward to today and the production design has still not been seen; however, some captivating images gathered by Motor.es, a renowned publication from Spain, have recently arrived in our hands. This specific one is a plug-in hybrid prototype, which can be distinguished through its yellow markings.

The electric nature of the sports coupe is further underscored by the charging port cover on the rear fender. Other noteworthy features comprise 20-inch rims with 295/35 ZR20 Pirelli tires and, from the gold calipers, seemingly carbon-ceramic brake pads. The notorious Panamericana grille is adjoined by numerous air intakes, alluding to this model being at the higher end of its size range.

At the back, the dual exhaust ports standing out from the bumper indicate Mercedes could have been experimenting with the motor. Seeing that it does not feature the quartet set-up, we can hypothesize that this is most likely one of the slightly weaker PHEV derivatives with an electrified inline-six rather than a more powerful hybrid V8. Nothing is definite right now, however it could probably be called the AMG GT 53 E Performance or something similar.

The inside of the car is just as interesting as it confirms the updated version of the GT Coupe will have a four-person capacity. Unsurprisingly, elements of the design are similar to that of the newly developed SL roadster, constructed by AMG. Instead of on having full seating for four people, a 2+2 arrangement is expected with restricted back legroom to mirror its prime rival, the Porsche 911.

This prototype had rear seating accommodations, however it was heavily weighed down with the heavy electronic apparatus implemented during trials. With the implementation of a PHEV system this car’s weight may become an issue, even so electrification is crucial to conform to stricter emissions regulations. Speaking of which, the 911 we alluded to is also transitioning to hybrid power.

One cannot help but ponder the potential of a four-cylinder GT base model following the release of the AMG SL43. The 2.0-liter M139 engine, sourced from the transversally mounted AMG “45” compact cars, is longitudinally mounted in the roadster and is equipped with an electric exhaust gas turbocharger. This setup produces 375 horsepower and an impressive 354 pound-feet (481 Newton-meters) of torque. Conversely, the GT 63 S E Performance, which features a plug-in hybrid V8, is expected to generate an impressive output of over 800 hp.

When will we witness the introduction of the all-new AMG GT Coupe? It appears plausible that Mercedes may choose to premiere the refreshed coupe online prior to the arrival of IAA Munich in early September or the Detroit Motor Show afterwards that month. Nevertheless, if this does not come to pass, we can still anticipate viewing it later in 2021, maybe even before the staging of the Los Angeles Auto Show in mid-November.

Source: Motor.es

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