2024 Mercedes-Benz GLA/GLB: Clever Engine Tech, Upscale Style

Popular Crossover Duo Gets a Makeover

Mercedes-Benz have presented the redesigned GLA-Class and GLB-Class for the upcoming 2024 modle year – they come with reworked exteriors, new technology, and even more upscale trimmings.

Initially, no significant alterations have been implemented. Nonetheless, there are certain modifications that the German carmaker has made to its motor array, with AMG models among them. For 2024, the sporty 35 versions will get a belt-driven 48-volt mild-hybrid system that utilizes an integrated starter-generator.

In determined operative conditions, this could possibly give an additional 13 horse power to the already robust turbocharged 2.0-liter powerplant. Mercedes states that the fresh system also promotes the commencement/stop and coasting abilities, created with the purpose of safeguarding vigor.

The GLA 35 and GLB 35 generate an impressive 302 hp and 295 lb-ft of force, transmitted to all four wheels with the swift AMG Speedshift DCT have. The former can accelerate up to 60 mph in a quick 5.1 moments, while the GLB is soon behind at 5.4. They both come with an utmost top velocity of 155 mph.

The marginal 250 models still gain from the novel mild-hybrid system and the 48-volt electric element for the belt-driven starter motor. Comparable to the AMG variants, it is qualified to create an extra 13 horsepower during sure cases, translating to faster and smoother accelerating when permitted. The system is also capable of recovering energy during deceleration and speeding up, which is then provided to the 48-volts battery and the 12-volts on-board electrical power supply.

Once again, the turbocharged 2.0-litre engine gives an output of 221 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, giving customers the choice between Front-Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive. Comparable to the alterations implemented to the 2024 CLA and CLA AMG versions this past year, these modifications coincide. Unsurprisingly, no word regarding a revived GLA 45 has come from Mercedes as of yet; therefore it may be expected to arrive somewhere down the line.

These fashion-forward figures are known for their flair, so it’s not unexpected that Mercedes has stuck with the formula which has worked so well.

The sides have also been updated, with redesigned wheel arches and new exterior mirrors.The silhouette of the GLA stays unaltered, yet Mercedes has furnished various distinctive details to freshen up the entry-grade model. A current radiator grille with vertical blades is combined with a remodeled front bumper, whereas the hood now displays slight power protrusions. Moreover, the sides have been upgraded, equipped with remodeled wheel wells and fresh exterior mirrors.

LED headlights and taillights with a novel light signature have become the de facto standard, but other than that, nothing has changed. Individuals now have the option to choose from Spectral Blue Metallic and three different wheel sizes, ranging from 18 to 20 inches, to personalize their automobiles.

By 2024, the GLB has seen an increase in its range of color choices and wheel designs. That’s complemented by a refreshed grille style as well as a remodeled front bumper and light clusters, resulting in an impressive reworking of the vehicle’s overall look.

The GLA and GLB 35 AMG models receive the aforementioned changes, but additionally an AMG logo situated on the bonnet in place of the classic Three-pointed star.

AMG enthusiasts will be elated to discover that there are now 35 options available, which have all been fitted with refurbished wheel designs. Amongst these will be a ten spoke rim of 19-inches in matt black. Plus, two further 20-inch alternatives shall also be available, albeit at an extra price.

Mercedes have enhanced the cabins of the GLA and GLB by introducing a Nappa leather-wrapped steering wheel as the standard, with different bundles available too. This includes Highbeam Assistance and various packages for parking, rearsview mirrors and keyless entry. They’ve also adjusted their range of seat coverings. Car models accompanying the AMG Line interior currently offer an accessible heated grip for drivers.

GLB fashionings progress further and now include novel turbine-esque air vents. This latest upgrade offers a unique edge over earlier models and functions as both a modernized add-on and an operational benefit. Not only does it provide a contemporary stylistic advantage, but it also regulates the temperature of not just passengers, but also the entire vehicle, much more proficiently than before.

The Progressive Line of both variants now presents two tones (Black and Macchiato Beige), with the AMG Line adding a fourth hue, namely Bahia Brown. Mercedes asserts that the MB-Tex/microfiber coverings in the AMG Line have predominantly been created from recycled materials. Grammar check complete.

Mercedes have equipped their AMG models with brand-new sports seats, featuring multiple upholstery choices, among them MB-Tex Sage Grey/Black and Red/Black leather. If desired, the AMG Performance variants are also available, which boast Brown Linden Wood trims with open grain finish.

The AMG 35 duo for 2024 obtains a high-performance guidance wheel. Featuring inherent AMG Drive Unit regulators, the driver no more necessitates to let go of the helm to effectuate crucial manoeuvres or switch the car onto sport mode, for instance.

In terms of the in-vehicle entertainment setup, the major breakthrough is the availability of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. As for the interior of both the 2024 GLA & GLB, an extra USB-C port has been put in place, with the USB charging capacity being raised. MBUX system utilizes the most advanced software version, coupled with new configurable displays.

Drivers have the option of selecting from three themes. The “Classic” option displays all the necessary information, while the “Discreet” mode only shows the essentials. For those who prefer a more dynamic look, there’s the “Sporty” theme with its eye-catching tachometer. For an additional fee, a Burmester surround sound system (complete with Dolby Atmos) is also available.

No doubt, GLB and GLA likewise receive the same warm reception with the MBUX scheme. Nonetheless, the superior variants take the experience a step further with an AMG-specific display design, plus model-particular functionalities.

Mercedes has implemented a reinvented driver assistance security collection which features an up-to-date parking option. Utilizing 3D imagery and a comprehensive 360-degree camera, this package makes maneuvering your car into a spot more convenient. It appears as though the GLA-Class is coming outfitted with this new package as standard, unbeknownst to AMG models where it can be chosen as an extra option.

The cost has yet to be shared, but we anticipate the 2024 GLA-Class and GLB-Class will remain in line with their existing base figures of $37,500 and $39,800, respectively. We can expect these freshened-up options to appear in showrooms before the end of 2021.

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