2025 BMW X3 in Standard & M Forms Spied

X3 M50i Impending: Quad Exhaust System Sighted

It seems like BMW is in a never-ending cycle of updating its highly successful “X” portfolio, with an expansive lineup of crossovers and SUVs. Just months after the facelifted X5 and X6 were unveiled, the X2/iX2 was launched. 2022 saw the introduction of the bold XM, the third-gen X1 (which also has an iX1 variant), and the refreshed X7. In 2024, the new X3 will be unveiled, and in the meantime, the Mercedes GLC and Audi Q5 rival is being tested on public roads.

The neighbouring gallery chiefly showcases an inferior version that doesn’t appear to incorporate the M Sport Package. From afar, the wheels may look diminutive in comparison to its body yet the 20 inch alloys minus the BMW trademark are quite robust. It shows how over the years automobiles have become more and more gigantic; it is anticipated the upcoming X3 will become bigger as well. This is primarily why – in order to maintain a suitable distance between it and the extended X1 which presently measures 177.2 inches (4500 millimetres).

Codenamed G45, the 2025 X3 does not appear to be pushing the envelope with its design. There are no split lights nor an equivocal kidney grille. The exhaust at the back Merkel beneath the bumper makes it obvious that this is a basic trim. Holding to BMW’s ethos, the plush SUV has door handles recessed within the car’s bodywork for superior aerodynamics and fuel conservation.

An illustration of a distinctive prototype is seen below, displaying wider tires and a quad exhaust system. This isn’t the full M offering; instead, it will be known as an M Performance version. We have already had a taste of what this entails with the X1 M35i and X2 M35i, where BMW has evidently chosen to insert four tips in non-M vehicles. There are whispers that the thrilling X3 derivative will make the switch from its current designation, M40i, to M50i.

The only X3 M50i photograph also permits us an even closer scrutiny of the new taillights, which appear to be a mirrored likeness of the energy swords popularized by the Halo video game. The backlighting design seems to have modified subtly yet distinctly and it appears as though BMW has avoided clambering onto the light bar trend. For cost-effectiveness in mind, the roof-mounted spoiler appears unchanged from the general prototype.

BMW is set to make the X3 shine anew in 2024 without the accompanying iX3. This fully electric edition will be distinguished from the CLAR-based version, replacing it instead with the acclaimed Neue Klasse platform. The EV model should be ready to be purchased sometime next year and, likely not far behind it, will be the electrified i3 Sedan. This dynamic duo is expected to get the full M-range treatment some time within this decade.

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