38-Year-Old Fiat 124 Spider’s First Wash

Cleaning Car With Respirator – Bad Sign?
First Wash in 38 Years: Abandoned Fiat 124 Disgusting Biohazard Detail!

If you take delight in viewing dilapidated cars getting spruced up, then this video is for you. This Fiat 124 Spider, really the later incarnations of its kind, was tucked away in a garage for almost four decades. Mice had taken residence inside it and trashed the inner cabin. Larry Kosilla from Ammo NYC had to don a white jumpsuit and respiratory protection while tidying up the car.

The Fiat 124 Spider flaunts a stylized exterior crafted by Pininfarina. It is outfitted with a four-cylinder engine featuring dual overhead cams, yielding a displacement of either 1.4 liters to 2.0 liters depending on its model year.

On the outward appearance, this one looks impeccable. Kosilla can make it gleam again by treating its chrome aspects with some acid and buffing it to a glossy shine. With his efforts the sections can be restored to their original brilliance.

The conundrum commences beneath the car’s exterior. Shells of acorns and sludge are abound in this area.

This vehicle’s main issue appears to be the cabin. Although the seats seem to be in great shape, the rugs are horrendous. Therefore, Kosilla’s approach involves taking out as much as he can in order to have better access and so that every component can receive thorough treatment.

Kosilla’s greatest challenge lies behind the back bench; a humongous house of mice has created its home. Of course, this produces plenty of droppings and urine – no matter how much he hoovers, the following day he inevitably gets a nasty shock. For, overnight the rearmost cushions were soaking in a pool of pee as they dried.

The predicament has become so horrible that Kosilla resignedly inserts the cushion into a garbage sack and encourages the driver to get a complementary one. The condition is too putrid to stay in the vehicle.

Kosilla has been tidying up the Spider 2000 and the operator’s next step is to make sure that the engine starts. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about respirating rodent excrements while carrying out mechanics on the vehicle.

These Fiats tend not to be particularly speedy, however, the engine yield a rousing vocal. The automobile should prove good fun with the roof down for a joy-filled weekend outing in the summertime.

For an interesting discussion with Kosilla, don’t miss out on tuning in to this week’s episode of Rambling About Autos. Get to know the details behind her story while hearing valuable insights she has to deduce!

Extreme Car Detailing with AMMO NYC

Source: Ammo NYC via YouTube

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