40-Inch Tire GMC Sierra HD AT4X Build

Say Hi to Sierra Grande @ SEMA!

.Remarkably, this beastly-looking pickup can trace its roots back to the function-focused trucks of earlier eras. Correction – Amazingly, this powerful-looking truck can trace back its beginnings to thework-oriented trucks of the past. Its wide stance and prominent front bumper with an integrated winch actually signal a well-thought-out design that maximizes capability in a variety of environments. Instead of pumping out extravagance and bling, AEV’s combination of specialized components gives the Sierra HD efficient off-road performance.

Officially called the AEV GMC Sierra Grande Concept, this vehicle will be making an appearance at the upcoming SEMA Show. Built by AEV, it is essentially a GMC Sierra HD AT4X AEV Edition without all the showy stylings. Boasting no flashy multi-function tailgate, and in fact no classical pick-up bed, this cab can just accommodate two individuals in comfort -without leather seating to round off the ride. Its exterior looks has an aura of capability around it, suggesting that it is able to handle any task you might throw at it.

The Sierra Grande Concept is a deviation from the traditional AT4X. This particular machine began its life as a stripped-down 2500 HD single-cab, long-bed truck. AEV equipped it with AT4X driveline components like steering knuckles, control arms, and the Multimatic DSSV dampers to name a few. Additionally, the vehicle has underbody skid plates and Salta XD wheels wearing substantial 40-inch all-terrain tires. Thanks to the 1.5-inch lift from the suspension modifications, this modified work truck looks ready for some extreme off-roading. Despite the multitude of upgrades, users don’t have to rely on step ladders to get into the cab or load up the bed.

When it comes to the talk, what you’ll find on this truck is an 8-foot aluminum tray bed affixed to the back. On the side of this is a vertical tire mount for the spare. In order to fulfill its objective as a work vehicle, the pickup comes with an integrated air system. AEV adds a specialized rear bumper equipped with a winch, while up front sits their stamped steel version and another winch plus a prototype brush guard. The chosen four off-road lights are mounted onto the brush guard, and there is an AEV snorkel incorporated that provides air to the 6.6-liter Duramax diesel motor under the hood.

It’s of note that AEV recognizes this as just a concept vehicle. For that reason, if the organization will eventually purvey upfit packs to Sierra HD pick-up trucks or maybe even market the separate components is unknown. Motor1.com reached out to AEV in quest of further understanding, yet, no answer was provided prior to writing this article. Should more information come forth, we’ll make sure to convey it here.

No matter what, the Sierra Grande Theory will be exhibited at SEMA in Las Vegas. Starting October 31st and carrying on until November 3rd, the show will offer an incredible experience for all.

Source: American Expedition Vehicles

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