750-HP Mustang GT for $50K: Roush Delivers

Extra 260 lb-ft of Torque from Supercharger Kit

Roush’s newest supercharger package ensures a 300 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque raise for model years 2022 and 2023 Ford Mustang GTs, surpassing the typical stock power.

These figures are immense and will raise the power of a standard Mustang GT, packed with its 5.0-liter V8 engine, to an amazing 750 hp. Roush also furnishes three years/36,000 miles guarantee assuming that the fitting is done by a licensed ASE technician. The base for this kit is Eaton’s TVS R2650 supercharger which is capable of producing 14 pounds per square inch of boost. Besides, you also obtain an advanced radiator to manage the additional heat.

It won’t be suitable for Mach1, Bullitt, or GT350 vehicles. You can also put the idea out of your head if you’re in California since it’s forbidden. But even if it wasn’t, it likely wouldn’t be worth it anyway, with the way the police deal with loud cars in that state.

The reason this package is exclusively for the 2022/2023 models is because Roush has structurally certified its hydrocarbon trap in the intake system accompanied by a specific software calibration to meet Tier 3 emissions standards that are necessary on current Mustangs.

“The car can be powered with non-premium fuel when outfitted with this kit, although it’s best suited for 93 octane gas. Roush promises that the kit is designed for durability, with oversized bearings and timing gears, for ‘longevity and reliability whether you’re driving on the highway or taking it to the track.'”

Roush declares the process of installing their supercharger requires an intricate assembly, which should last up to 16 hours, to be worked into the prices in addition to the $8,799.99 kit. Yet, due to Roush’s intimate relationship with Ford, many dealers are capable of putting in the charger.

It’s yet another amazing improvement from Roush that has been bestowed upon the Coyote motor.

The iconic Mustang GT kicks off at $38,345 granting drivers an amazing 450hp and 410 lb-ft of torque upon purchase. Taking advantage of such unparalleled performance value without any dealership hike is a no-brainer. After factoring in the average labor fee of $130/hour (it can vary) and the cost of equipment, you could get yourself a 750 horsepower vehicle for just shy of $50K!

Even though it is not necessary, you may wish to no less than upgrade the tires and brakes for that strength boost. Moreover, for us, we would be easily swayed by the Roush’s advanced MagneRide suspension package.

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