And Triple Fuel Injectors Chevy Corvette ZR1: Split Window, Triple Injectors?

Deciding Between Options

Dennis Koss has uploaded fresh photos to the venerated Colorado Car Spotters collective on Facebook, and they show prototype C8 Corvettes with distinct split back windows. It is unknown just now what variation of the model these pictures represent. Upon revising, it becomes doubtful which edition is portrayed in the images. Dennis Koss has submitted brand new photographs to the esteemed Colorado Car Spotters social media group on Facebook – they display experimental C8 Chevrolet Corvettes furnished with fragmented rear windowpanes.

Up to this point, we have seen the introduction of the Stingray, which was then accompanied with the effective Z06 embraced for its motor-designed engine. Afterwards, the E-Ray penetrates the scene with a combination of the Stingray powerplant and an electric drive system to take the spot of the Grand Sport label.

Yet there remain two versions of the C8 that we anticipate; one will bring back the ZR1 nameplate. Evidently, the ZR1 is presumed to use the 5.5-liter LT6 engine from the Z06, equip it with a couple of turbochargers, and spawn the LT7. Word has it, this could produce approximately 850 horsepower travelling only to the rear wheels.

The other automobile is labelled the Zora and it is assumed to manifest in 2025 with a far more ferocious version of the LT7, which is rumoured to be labelled the LT7HP1. This variation will generate an impressive 1,000 horsepower, partly due to its electromechanical components. Consequently, all four wheels shall receive the power output.

“Split window designs have been around for a while, but what’s new is the split window design recently seen on these development mules. This styling feature was only available on the C2 Corvette and only for the 1963 model year. Unfortunately, it was discontinued due to safety concerns and the fact that Zora Arkus-Duntov, the ‘Father of the Corvette’, didn’t like it.”

It seems like it’s regaining traction, as indicated by models that show off a trunk lid spoiler or full wing while wearing it. This could portend an optional performance package for the ZR1 and/or Zora – and perhaps both.

It is not customary for General Motors to introduce a radical design change such as the split window during a revamp of all its Corvette models. Nevertheless, it seems strange that they would oppose Zora’s preferences regarding this distinctive feature on the very vehicle he gave his name to.

Contrariwise, Zora’s aversion to the split window was not shared by members of the general population, and such a embellishment would surely assist the Corvette in standing apart from the crowd.

If we had to suppose, our prediction would be that the split window WILL solely go to the Zora. We are wagering as well that the Zora will be only provided for a single model year, preserving uniqueness and saluting to the classic. Primarily, a split window kind of appears plausible, right?

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