Audi e-tron GT Spy Shots Reveal Stylish Bumpers

Audi Preps Subtle Tweaks for EV Flagship

Three years have now elapsed since the original debut of the Audi e-tron GT, and thus it is high time for Ingolstadt to ready their top-of-the-range electric car for a new refresher.

We also note that the side skirts on this prototype are slightly bulked-up, with bigger wheel arches and more muscular shoulders.Recent spying in Europe has highlighted a new cosmetic look for the Porsche Taycan corporate cousin. Up front, the bumper’s air curtains will be enlarged to merge with the bottom grille. In addition, what we can assume will be some modification to the phony grille located at the front of this electric car. There are further hints of enhanced styling with larger wheel arches and broader shoulders as seen from the subtly modified side skirts. However, it is still unclear how exactly the faux grille will be altered, although on the upcoming A5 station wagon there will be a new mesh structure.

The rear has been given a fresher look featuring an edgier diffuser, although the rest is presently the same. It is worth noting that this is a first-phase prototype; more adjustments can be expected from future testing samples. Possible modifications may include all-new rims and maybe even advanced OLED tail lamps. Moving to the fore, we anticipate that Audi’s revolutionary customizable HD Matrix headlights will be present.

The abode is certain to witness manifold transformations, substantial ones in the fresh informatics sphere. The motorist index and heart screen will surely be correlated to one another; some modifications to the center compartment are also probable.

With regards to performance, there is currently no knowledge or even whisperings, though considering how quickly electric vehicle technology is advancing, we speculate Audi won’t refrain from implementing efficiency and power enhancements.

It has been observed on multiple occasions that a more extreme variation of the Porsche Taycan is possibly being developed, this leads to speculation that Audi may go beyond the current RS e-tron GT of its flagship electric vehicle with an even higher performing version. Reports suggest that the Porsche could deliver up to 1,000 horsepower while the present RS e-tron GT already supplies 637 (in Boost Mode; albeit defaulting at 590).

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