Audi Q3: Refined, Upmarket Design

Gaining Traction: Headlight Trim Divide

Spotted in Scandinavia’s northernmost regions, the 2025 Audi Q3 is presently being tested in the Frosty Arctic Circle. Although the photos reveal minimal, they also communicate a great deal.

The entirety of this crossover SUV is enveloped in camouflage, with the exclusion of its wheels – which look to be off-the-shelf production models. It is however apparent that the aesthetics of the Audi Q3 will be drastically transformed, aligning it to other current and forthcoming Audi versions.

The most broadly noticed modifications arise in the façade, with a peculiar grille which resembles it hails from a Polestar combined alongside a split headlight configuration. Those headlights could be incredibly remarkable.

The newest edition of Audi Q8 Sport Utility Vehicles now provides the possibility of personalizing headlight signatures utilizing state-of-the-art HD Matrix LED technology. While the Q3 is at the more economical point in terms of cost, it could be likely that the option will also become available for it.

Despite all that, we’re delighted by the fact that the bigger Q5 won’t be having an impact on this iteration’s design – henceforth giving the Q3 its own identity. And yet, the Q3 will look and feel much more expansive than before, say thank you to a revamped internal setup.

Anticipate viewing a smaller form of the Audi Q6 interior with its attached screens and well-organized middle console.

A large variety of engines will be offered, incorporating plug-in hybrid models; however, none with a manual transmission. We are not taken aback by this information. Allegedly, two PHEVs shall be readily available, the basic version creating 201 horsepower, and the medium variation offering up to 268 hp. Unless Audi has evolved their estimation of the American market, we expect their past remarks regarding the limited small performance SUV marketplace persists – hence no up-level RS Q3 for America.

The complete release is predicted for the finish of 2024, however we’ll definitely keep you in the loop up until that period.

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