BMW 4 Series Testing at Nurburgring

M2 CS Exceeds 500 HP Claim

We have witnessed the upgraded BMW 4 Series out on the roads testing priorly, yet no one has sighted the LCI model put to the test on a track. By chance, CarSpyMedia had the great fortune of being present at Nurburgring and recorded some of the most enthusiastic vehicles around ‘The Green Hell’. The 4 Series was seen tearing up the track for several laps.

The most recent outing was advertised as the very first display featuring the facelifted version at Nürburgring. Owing to significant camouflage on both the posterior and anterior bumper, it was almost impossible to discern the alterations. What could be perceived as the key styling adjustment were the fresh three horizontal slits designed for air inlet in the lower face-lifted fascia.

2024 BMW 4 Series Coupe LCI Facelift Prototype Caught Testing At The Nürburgring

Revamped headlamps, akin to those used on the recent facelifted 3 Series, will give the car a new look. Additionally, based off of what was seen in the lamp during the track day, potential changes could be made to the taillight graphics as well.

The much-debated kidney grille was a feature of the face-lift. Although not universally popular, BMW has declared that it will remain part of the design – believing that attitudes may change when the car is fully revealed. Only time will tell if this decision pays off.

At this moment in time, scant specifics exist about the new 4er’s powertrain. According to sources, though, two engine variants are likely to be offered: a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit and an impressive 3.0-liter twin-turbo Inline-6. Furthermore, BMW’s 8-speed ZF automatic transmission is expected to remain in place – particularly owing to the manufacturer’s recent statement that it would no longer manufacture dual-clutch gearboxes.

The revamped BMW 4 Series could potentially boast a rise in output too, considering that the oncoming M2 CS is expected to have a capacity of about 500 to 520 horsepower. Given that the 4 Series falls higher in comparison to the 2 Series in terms of specs, it’s possible that the former will make more than the latter.

We won’t be privy to revisions to the new BMW 4 Series until early 2024, though it was at least gratifying to observe its skill out on the racecourse.

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