BMW Unveils M2 MotoGP Safety Car

25 Years of BMW & MotoGP: A Celebration

BMW has unveiled its latest Safety Car for the MotoGP series ahead of the Grande Premio de Portugal race taking place from March 24 to 26 this year. This marks the twenty fifth season of BMW as the official car supplier of MotoGP and the M2 will be widely recognisable with its BMW branding, combined with the prominent MotoGP logo and a beaming light bar on top.

This year, the 2023 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season encompasses 21 circuits throughout the planet and, commencing now, in addition to the main race and qualifications, there will be a short competition. This implies that the M2 security car is going to be kept very busy. Furthermore, in endorsement of MotoGP, for each campaign the competitor granting the swiftest qualifying time is given a BMW M vehicle.

Grand Prix motorcycling has been soaring in popularity since the 2002 MotoGP period superseded the 500cc division, but its origins lie in a race that dates all the way back to 1949. Currently, Dorna Sports holds commercial rights to the activity.

“We are absolutely ecstatic to be teaming up with BMW M in commemoration of the 25th anniversary season of our relationship in 2023,” stated Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports. “BMW M has been a dependable ally for us for a quarter of a century, and we have had remarkable teamwork in many different areas. BMW M is providing the most advanced technologies for safety in our sport for the 25th year in a row, and is a regular presence in the MotoGP paddock with a wide selection of activities. Here’s to an extraordinary anniversary season in 2023!”

BMW regularly changes up the safety cars for MotoGP, and the M2 is a nippy performance automobile featuring 460 hp from its turbocharged inline-six engine. To keep things safe on the track and to maintain warmth in tires and brakes, its speed needs to be brisk.

“Since 1999, BMW M has been committed to bringing our core values of innovation, technology, emotion, and passion to our partnership with Dorna Sports,” states Franciscus van Meel, CEO of BMW M. “Our new BMW M2 MotoGP safety car is just one example of this, as we continue to provide the latest BMW M high-performance vehicles for the purpose of MotoGP safety. Whether it be the safety car fleet, the BMW M Award, or our many other contributions to the highest level of motorcycle racing, we are proud that Fascination M has become a major part of the MotoGP experience.”

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