Cadillac Teases First Electric V Series Car

Full showing slated for later this year.

Cadillac has announced that the days of manual transmission sport sedans are numbered, as the brand shifts its focus towards a new era of zero emissions performance. In a recent teaser image, Cadillac gave us a glimpse of what they’re calling the “Future of Zero Emissions Performance” – a sleek electric concept car named Opulent Velocity. This car is not only a nod to the future, but also a celebration of the V-Series performance brand’s past and present.

Bryan Nesbitt, the executive director of Cadillac Global Design, stated, “Opulent Velocity has been meticulously crafted to anticipate a performance that emits zero emissions while embodying modern luxury leadership.” He added, “We have exciting updates to share later this year, so keep an eye out for more information.”

In the near future, the 2025 Cadillac CT5-V and CT5-V Blackwing models, which have recently undergone a remodel with refreshed design and advanced features, will mark the end of Cadillac’s high-performance gasoline-powered vehicles. The esteemed CT4-V and CT4-V Blackwing models, along with the Escalade-V, will gradually be retired to make room for electric vehicles.

Cadillac recently teased a blurred preview of a vehicle known as Opulent Velocity, with the possibility that it could be a crossover based on its flat facade. This is not entirely unexpected, as sedans are no longer selling as strongly globally, despite Cadillac seeing some recent triumph in their sales. The front of the vehicle may feature either an illuminated Cadillac crest positioned in the center, or even a headlight.

Regardless of what we may be observing, it is improbable that Opulent Velocity will emerge as a production-ready prototype. Instead, it is expected to serve as a showcase for the upcoming design direction of Cadillac’s electric V-Series lineup.

It is likely that the car, based on its designated title and purpose, will be unveiled at a renowned gathering like Monterey Car Week in August. However, Cadillac could opt for a cost-saving virtual reveal at their own discretion, which would not align with the extravagance of its name.

There have been limited indications from General Motors regarding the features to anticipate in upcoming electric V-Series vehicles. It is possible that Cadillac’s EV lineup, including the Lyriq, Celestiq, Optiq, Vistiq, and Escalade IQ, may be considered for the V treatment, encompassing enhanced electric motors and other performance enhancements. While monikers such as Lyriq-V and Vistiq-V appear feasible, the name Escalade IQ-V may seem excessively intricate.

In regards to the Blackwing models, they seemed to be an odd fit as neither of them featured the original Blackwing engine. It appears improbable that Cadillac will immediately produce them as electric vehicles, but we will have a better understanding once we observe the path the brand is pursuing with their latest concept.

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