Camaro Turbo 4 vs. Bolt EV, Corvette V8

Little Power of The Bolt not Problematic for Hatch
Old vs New: Can a NEW 4-Cylinder Camaro Beat an OLD V8 Corvette in a Drag Race?

Auto performance is ever-changing. It appears like each fresh car manufactures more power and torque than those before it, with the help of technology enhancing the capacity to acquire more force from diminished but more productive engines. A new video illustrates how engine engineering has gone through a transformation while furnishing an impression of our foreseeable electrified destiny.

The video, hosted by The Fast Lane Car’s YouTube platform, showcases three vehicles from General Motors – the modern Chevrolet Camaro, the recently developed Chevrolet Bolt, and an older edition of the Chevrolet Corvette. This quirky trio demonstrates the prolonged shift in technology that has taken place over the period.

The Camaro boasts a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder motor that produces 270 ponies and 296 pound-feet of twisting power. The Bolt, however, may be less potent with 200 hp and 266 lb-ft available, yet its electric powertrain has certain plusses that balance the scales. The Corvette possesses GM’s 5.7-liter LS1 V8, with around 350 horses under the hood, but it is substantially more aged compared to its other two competitors.

The Camaro and Bolt went head-to-head in a drag competition. Although the Camaro initially had a better start, the Bolt held its own when it eventually took off. At the end of the event, the Camaro accomplished victory not by far, closing at 15.67 seconds and 92 mph compared to the Bolt’s 15.77 second and 91.5 mph time.

The two struggled in a roll race, and the Bolt illustrated its capabilities. With no advantage at the start, the EV managed to outrun the Camaro all the way to the finish line, demonstrating its superiority compared to the famed sports car.

The Camaro lined up against the V8-fueled Corvette for the race. Despite a dynamic start from the Camaro, the nimble Corvette caught up and overtook it, placing first with a time of 15.40 seconds and velocity of 99.6 mph. The Camaro followed at 15.53 seconds at a much tardier pace of 91 miles per hour, conceding another victory to the Corvette.

The Camaro, though newer and with the odometer showing substantially fewer miles, did prevail in the final braking test. It was able to arrive at a halt after approximately 119 feet; while it took the 20-year-old Corvette 129 feet to make the same stop.

Source: The Fast Lane Car / YouTube

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