Car Reliable Sleeper: Supercharged Boosts the Trustworthy Mazda RX-8

Gone: Renesis Engine No Longer Available

Forced Induction Pros has done it again, presenting us with their latest masterpiece that may seem like your typical Mazda RX-8 at a first glance. However, underneath its sleek exterior lies an unexpected American twist. This Japanese sports car has left behind its renowned high-revving rotary engine and has now been fitted with an LS3 engine, along with a supercharger sourced from a Cadillac CTS-V.At first sight, this creation from Forced Induction Pros might appear to be just like any other Mazda RX-8. Yet, upon closer inspection, you’ll discover its hidden secret – it has been given an American makeover. Gone is the iconic rotary engine that has long been associated with this Japanese sports car, replaced instead by a powerful LS3 engine and complemented by a supercharger taken from a Cadillac CTS-V.

The appearance of the RX-8 remains mostly unaltered, with the exception being its hood that requires alteration to accommodate the larger LS engine. This results in a noticeable opening in the hood, providing an unobstructed view of the powerful motor. Other upgrades include an entire Brian Tooley Racing valvetrain, along with upgraded fuel injectors from Fuel Injector Development. The vehicle also boasts a Hughes Performance torque converter for its 4L80E transmission and an integrated HD2 shift kit that works seamlessly with the original shifter.

Supercharged LS swapped Rx8

Additional changes made to the RX-8 involve unique extended headers equipped with boost-triggered cutouts, a blend of Mazda MX-5 and Toyota MR2 steering components including an electric over hydraulic assist pump. Other notable upgrades include a specially designed Griffen radiator with Redhorse Performance Inc. tubing, an 8.8 Ford Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) differential, as well as Driveshaft Shop axles. While there may be better-looking conversions of LS engines into Mazda RX-7 models, the RX-8 presents its own set of difficulties, being less desirable than its previous incarnation.

The vehicle continues to possess a functional air conditioner, heating system, and power windows within the cabin. Its functionality is overseen by a Holley Terminator X Max mechanism, which manages the engine, transmission, and flex-fuel capabilities. Additionally, there is also a convenient seven-inch dashboard screen for the driver to monitor important readings.

Unfortunately, there are no specific measurements available for the LS-engine equipped RX-8; however, based on its significant list of alterations, it is safe to say that it produces an impressive amount of power, surpassing the LS3’s factory output of 430 horsepower and 424 lb-ft of torque.

The Ford Induction Pros have successfully completed the construction of the current form and returned it to the client. However, this does not seem to be the final stage of the project, as the owner has expressed potential plans for further alterations. The RX-8 may remain as a modest street vehicle or transform into a daring time-attack RX race car. The options are limitless, but only once the original 13B engine has been replaced.

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