CES: Sony Showcases New EV with PS5 Controller

Afeela: From Prototype to Production in 2025

In 2022, Sony and Honda joined forces as they revealed their intentions to collaborate on an electric vehicle. This resulted in the formation of a fresh entity, aptly called Sony Honda Mobility, and their inaugural car is named Afeela. The EV was officially announced at the previous year’s CES and has now made its debut in a more finalized form this year.

The highlight of the debut was Sony’s unique approach to showcasing the car at CES. As stated by Izumi Kawanishi, President and COO of Sony Honda Mobility, a Playstation 5 controller was utilized to “drive” the revamped Afeela onto the stage, captivating the audience at CES.

View the footage provided:

The name may not be flashy, yet the Sony Honda Mobility Afeela certainly catches the eye. The electric sedan boasts a sleek design with conventional side mirrors replacing the previous camera setup. A revised front bumper now features a stylish spoiler lip and the headlights have a more curved appearance compared to its predecessor. Additionally, the pillars appear thicker in comparison to the prototype from last year. Towards the rear of the car, a new black trim piece adorns the license plate area and a protruding element has been added to the bumper.

Debuting as the Vision-S concept at CES 2020, the Afeela has undergone further modifications within. The interior, which is dominated by screens, now features a new rearview mirror, a subtly restyled yoke-shaped steering wheel, and two wireless chargers for smartphones. Additionally, there appears to be a camera situated on top of the dashboard that monitors the driver’s actions.

In terms of technical details, the Afeela features a two-engine system that provides all-wheel drive functionality. Both the front and rear motors produce 241 horsepower and are powered by a 91.0-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. The battery can be recharged using DC at speeds up to 150 kilowatts, while AC charging will have a maximum rate of 11 kW.

Sony Honda Mobility has announced that the Afeela will be available for pre-order in 2025, with production set to begin at that time. North American customers can expect their vehicles to arrive in early 2026. However, a virtual version of the Afeela will be featured in Gran Turismo 7 later this year through an update.

Source: Sony Honda Mobility

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