Chevrolet Corvette Z06 vs 819-HP Lucid Air GT Race

Massive HP vs. All Else: Who Wins?
U-DRAG: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 vs. Lucid Air Grand Touring

The Lucid Air Grand Touring and Chevy Corvette Z06 definitely have more than a few similarities. Sure, both have seating for passengers, rest on four wheels, and get people from A to B. Nonetheless, the one feature that readers take particular note of is the speed these cars reach while driving straight.

It’s a great test to be used for a basic drag race, yet this latest duel from Edmunds is one of their U shape-contests. This implies a drag race joined with deceleration, an 180 degree spin and a subsequent dash back to the finish line. It further means that the Lucid Air Grand Touring-the unrivaled horsepower winner in this gathering with two engines and 819 electronic horses going to every one of the four wheels-will have to do more than just move quickly along a straight course.

Meanwhile, the Z06 Corvette with its vivacious 670 horsepower V8 could be viewed as a dark horse. When compared on paper, the ‘Vette is noticeably speedier when it comes to hitting 60 miles an hour, taking just 2.7 seconds to do so in comparison to the Air’s 3.0. That being said, this equates to the driver behind the Chevrolet wheel having to execute a perfect launch each time. Nevertheless, launching in Lucid’s bulky sedan is a tad simpler. Thus arising the query: Does the Air have enough power to remain ahead of the Chevy should something not go as anticipated at the start with respect to the braking and cornering affairs during the challenge?

The answer to that query can initially be discerned. Starting from the start line, both of the cars kick off together; however, the Z06 has difficulty gaining traction. Consequently, the Lucid streaks onward, and if it had been a quarter-mile competition, the Chevrolet would have conceded the entire race. At this time, a huge gap separates the two automobiles, but only half of the confrontation is completed. The momentum switches back to the Chevy as the Lucid attempts to handle its colossal weight while the Corvette makes up every bit of lost ground during its deceleration. By the time they go through the corner, they are once again neck and neck; yet when it exits, the Z06 snatches a clear victory – albeit, not as prominent an advantage as some anticipated.

On the second go-round, there comes new opportunities. With this round of events, different avenues are presented and fresh experiences abound. This provides a different setting to take on the challenge; a chance to reassess and proceed accordingly. It offers the possibility to find a new way and eventually triumph. The second running brings diverse prospects to look forward to; a different approach to strive for success.

Subsequent to a change in driving personnel, the Z06 rocket propelled from the start vastly better and both automobiles sped down the quart-mile parallel with each other. Regrettably, under brake operation, the heavyweight electrical car was clearly not the equivalent of the intensely fabricated two-seat contour charted car. The Corvette scooped this contest by various autobus lengths.

The trialists suggest that, perhaps if the Lucid had been fitted with performance tires instead of all season ones, it could have made a better showing. Yet even this is unlikely to be enough to best the Corvette in an event requiring speed, braking power and handling.

Source: Edmunds via YouTube

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