Chevy Corvair Frankenstein: Jeep Chassis, Camaro Power

Is Modified Corvair Still Corvair?

Only when you presumed that all Chevy Corvair constructions had been viewed, this case appears to prove you incorrect: a 1961 Chevy Corvair with a four-wheel drive structure based on a Jeep chassis along together with the power from a Camaro.

For those unfamiliar, the Corvair has long been regarded negatively, ultimately resulting in its discontinuation in 1969. Speculation of a reboot has abounded as of late, however the closest iteration to that was a Camaro adaptable retromod which launched a handful of years ago.

Fortunately, some individuals are still devoted to customizing the originals in a very creative way. The utilization of a Jeep frame is augmented by the monstrous 31-inch off-road tires that lift the ride even greater. Although, situated at each corner this giant only has drum brakes, though, proprietor Josh revealed he may upgrade them with discs shortly.

Jeep/Chevy Corvair 4x4 is Laugh Out Loud Fun!

But that’s not the most incredible fact. The initial rear-motored layout was dropped in favour of a 305 V8 motor taken from a Camaro, which now sits at the front. The current possessor isn’t the first make of the Franken-Corvair and hasn’t yet been able to put it on a dyno to determine just how much horsepower it is producing. What we are aware of is that the engine passes power to all four wheels through a Turbo TH350 transmission.

The vehicle boasts a formidable presence, featuring an extended rear section to take the place of the former engine location. The overall look provides an allusion to the pick-up style, regenerating the off-road theme found in the construction. To make the body even more striking, it is equipped with a front bumper protector, roof rack, double grille and a prominent bulge due to the integration of the motor where it was not originally planned to go. As a result, the auto stands out with its insurgent figure.

Within, the interiors of the cabin have been emptied, revealing large spaces made out of bare metal tread plate, echoing the industrial/Post-Apocalyptic look from outside. You will observe activate signals, grenade-style shifting for the 4×4 mechanism, and two-colored black and red chairs with four strap harnesses.

There is no denying that this particular Corvair has been modified substantially. Showcasing a revised motor block and chassis while boasting an entirely unique appearance, there is much dispute as to whether this can still be considered a GM Chevrolet. Even so, the ingenuity put into this custom build cannot be denied – creating something striking and quite distinct from regular models. Whatever your opinion, it’s certainly a controversial yet jaw-dropping automobile.

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