CT4-V Blackwing Challenges BMW M3: Achilles’ Heel Uncovered

The CT4-V Blackwing vs. The BMW M3

Numerical figures can often serve as an important point of reference when debating which sports sedan to choose. We may be drawn to one automobile over another for its higher horsepower, or conversely opt for the lower-cost option. This comparative clash between the Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing and BMW M3 places two near-identical models beside each other, whereby the former comes in at a more reasonable $15,000 less than its competitor.

Sam CarLegion on YouTube is a prolific evaluator of vehicles, creator of drag race content and relative analyst who will compare these two sporty sedans. His goal is to discover if the home-grown Cadillac has more velocity as well as superior value when compared to the BMW, if you are mainly considering acceleration.

Here’s the upshot based on his comparative analysis of two equivalent vehicles confronting one another on a barren and level stretch of asphalt.

2023 BMW M3 vs 2023 Cadillac CT4 V Blackwing. Drag and Roll Race.

Sam has had the privilege of borrowing a Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing from Canada for some time, and now it appears that someone else has brought along their BMW M3, making for quite an interesting drag race. After a lengthy pursuit to secure a Blackwing himself, this could end up being his preferred competition of the season, with both vehicles having similarly comparable transmission and engine systems.

The vehicles are arranged and contrasted, uncovering that both sports sedans come with a six-speed manual transference and rear wheel drive. BMW’s M3 carries a double turbocharged I6 engine packing 473hp, while the Cadillac CT4 Blackwing shares a 3.6 liter V6 boasting 472hp, however, it does feature an extra 39lb-ft to offset its 1hp deficit. Both models share a comparable weight.

At the outset of the competition, both vehicles must speed away at approximately 30 mph. The BMW remarkably claims victory in the first race, blazing off the line from second gear due to its impressive torque capabilities. Sam maintains that usually a BMW produces more power than suggested.

The Cadillac’s weakness is not due to the dissimilarities in weight or torque, as they both have an equal output of power. At a drag race from a stop, it can be seen that the BMW pulls away from the beginning and increases the margin between the two cars. This could signify that the BMW is producing more power than what is stated, even though both cars are factory-standard. It is likely that the tires, fuel, or driver capability in either car has some influence. Perhaps BMW underrates the effectiveness of their vehicles.

A ultimate call out from Sam is that the $61,000-CT4-V Blackwing remains an extensively undervalued mechanism. It is more budget-friendly, and in an environmentally realistic setting it will run just as rapidly as the BMW at legitimate paces.

Sam points out that the BMW M3, which comes with a $76,000 price tag, is significantly more spacious than the Blackwing. It is much easier to fit a child seat into the interior, in comparison to the more cramped quarters of the Cadillac. Sam states that even the Honda Civic Type R has more room on the inside than the legendary American automobile.

The presence of the Blackwing with its powerful motor, manual gearbox, and rear-wheel-drive capabilities (let alone a sedan) marks a festive occasion. Admittedly, being two-hundredths of a second slow to hit sixty miles per hour compared to BMW M3 isn’t quite as important.

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