Early Cybertruck Deliveries Cost Over $120K

Win a Cybertruck with the Foundation Series!

Tesla is offering Cybertruck reservation holders the chance to arrange their Foundation Series models, with prices ranging from approximately $120,000 up to over $135,000. But if someone makes an order immediately, then they may be in luck as shipping can be anticipated at the end of this four weeks. Such an exclusive opportunity, the Foundation Series has a limit of just 1,000 vehicles.

Not much information is available presently, nonetheless, several tweets help us to receive extra insight. Earlier than that however, let us take a look at what the Foundation Series Cybertruck consists of and how it got that name.

The Foundation Sequence, penned by Isaac Asimov, is a renowned sci-fi book series beloved by Elon Musk. The billionaire has made reference to the books and declared himself to be an admirer of Asimov. These stories revolve around a disintegrating galactic empire which one individual endeavours to save. It appears that Musk admires the ‘saviour’ in the Foundation Sequence and that may explain his enthusiasm for it.

As per survey results obtained from various tweets, forums, Facebook and other sources, Tesla has commenced delivering invitations to individuals to configure the initial thousand Foundation Series Cybertrucks. The letter reads:

Tesla has announced that deliveries have already begun in California and Texas, two states which are home to their factories. They added that they will be expanding to “more states in 2024.” Thus, for now, the two states are the only ones receiving Tesla deliveries.

Tesla is pricing this precise set-up (almost certainly a Cybertruck variant) at a total of $122,135 inclusive of delivery charges and a $250 reservation cost. Specific extras such as the range extender mount to the price significantly. Select the link below for complete details about the cost of the Cybertruck – except for this luxury Foundation Series one.

The most persuasive tweet that affirms Tesla enabled sales of a costly version of Cybertruck is just below. What follows is even more proof of its authenticity.

This tweet suggests the possibility of distribution before the end of the thirty days:”Confirmed! Possible delivery this month #endofthemonth #distribution”

The Cybertrucks sent out at the grand distribution and inaugural function were certainly in the Prototype Series, so the earliest 12 or more have already been acquired.

The trucks showcase special 3-headed Cyberbeast logo emblems as well as Elon Musk’s warnings about the potential end of society. It is likely that this early version of the Cybertruck has a few other distinct features too.

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