FD Mazda RX-7: Purists Beware, This Thing Can Move!

1993 Mazda RX-7: K24 Motor Conversion Monster.

The Mazda RX-7 sports vehicle exhibits rotary power, although an FD RX-7 version highlighted by That Racing Channel on YouTube features a dissimilar powertrain. Its proprietor has opted to substitute the rotary engine with a Honda K24. This auto may dissatisfy loyal rotary devotees and true believers, though it can still tear through mountain roads like a race car. Perhaps this would be the number one substitute for the RX-7’s rotary engine.

Honda K24 Swapped FD RX7 - RIPS Mountain Roads! (The Perfect Rotary Replacement?)

An abundance of potency lies subdued beneath the hood of this 1993 RX-7. It initially started as a bare rolling skeleton with neither an engine or transmission. Oodles of effort were placed in making sure it would fit snugly into the Mazda’s engine bay, comprising a customized subframe setting and oil tank. This was essential in order for the motor to be situated far back enough inside the compartment. Concerning power, the RX-7 produces between 450 to 500 hp due to its colossal K24 motor combined with the Zona X2C turbocharger.

The vehicle is extraordinary in its visual appeal, with a custom-fitted front splitter and rear wing assembly augmenting its performance on winding roads. The wheel fenders and arches are broader compared to normal, whilst boasting substantial vents in the hood, all in aid of cooling the Honda K24 motor.

The dazzling, rich orange hue of the RX-7’s paint job sparkles in the sunlight, adding the perfect touch to Mazda’s classic design. Its interior has undergone some custom modifications, like the dashboard, but its proprietor wanted to keep the look of a street car.

When taking to the tarmac, the K24 and turbo offer an abundance of power. It is in tight turns where this car really stands out, with brilliant adherence to the surface, highlighted by its lightness. The vehicle’s pilot concedes that it is a superior track car, gifted with tremendous traction forces and downforce which aids its cornering capabilities. Constructed and delicately honed with a smooth power band, this motor gives an even flow of energy without causing abrupt surges when accelerating.

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