Fiberfab Centurion: Unusual Corvette w/ Peculiar History

Rare C1 & C2 Corvette Concept Kit

The moniker Corvette is unquestionably renowned amongst American auto connoisseurs, and as time progresses, it has been responsible for sparking many iconic sports cars. This particular iteration of the classic car, though, has an added peculiarity—it boasts Fiberfab fiberglass construction.

Widely-termed the Centurion, this dashingly evolved vehicle is believed to be a muse from an artistically-crafted 1959 XP-87 Sting Ray prototype, crafted with finesse by Bill Mitchell, Larry Shinoda and Pete Brock. This alluring concept was successful in achieving the title of 1960 SCCA Champion. In fact, it had considerable impact on the look of the original Corvette C2.

Nevertheless, Warren Goodwin was hugely enchanted with the XP-87’s aesthetics. He had crafted this unique styling as an attachable fiberglass casing for either the C1 or C2 Corvette, utilizing the analogous body fixings from either.

This kit included a hood, flooring, and the initial Corvette windshield.

This remarkable creation has a unique presence, with its four headlights concealed beneath a noticeable grille. The car’s voluptuous wheel arches curve up and down while the side is adorned by attractive exhausts. At the back end, the distinctive buttresses give the Centurion a great deal of personality. It seems that this particular model is one of a kind; it’s the only one with outlined rider and companion headrests.

The Centurion showcases styling cues reminiscent of the renowned Mako Shark, a vintage Corvette concept car. As Fiberfab’s promotional material states, the Centurion bodywork was designed to give ‘Vettes “a more youthful appearance.”

Purchasers were made to shell out $795 for the equipment, an exorbitant amount of money at that time. With expectations of manufacturing up to 12 Centurions, Goodwin’s aspirations were crushed when he suddenly became entangled in a controversy.

Everything concluded suddenly when, one day in 1967, Goodwin stumbled upon his wife was having an extra-marital relationship with his top mechanic. Rankled, he committed the murder of his partner and was subsequently punished, putting a permanent halt to his career. He passed away due to a cardiac arrest while locked up the year after.

Despite all that had unfolded, GM was reportedly already evaluating doing legal action against Fiberfab in the case of the Centurion since it appeared to strongly resemble the XP-87. Nevertheless, this relatively obscure invention is a fascinating beauty and is sure to turn heads of Corvette aficionados.

Beneath the bonnet of this individual model lies a 4.6 liter V8 motor supplying 279 horses, which are conveyed to the rear wheels solely via a manual transmission. This automobile was modeled on a ’58 Corvette and has been given a comprehensive overhaul recently. The unfettered cabin grasps six gauges, a vibrant three-spoke steering wheel, as well as grey upholstery.

The automobile was discretely purchased at a 2018 Barrett-Jackson affair and rapidly shipped off to Andorra, a tiny nation beloved by the affluent. Considered to be the only one in Europe with its rarity, auctioneers Artcurial are quite confident of that. Even disregarding the impure background of its craftsman, it makes a marvellous supplement to any set.

It’s predicted this extraordinary car should demand a price somewhere in the range of $131,000 to $175,000 (more than what a new Z06 would cost), making it suitable for its return to America – its country of origin. There, it would give an elegant outlook while driving around along California’s coastal areas, or grab attention being showcased at various car shows.

On June 30, the Centurion will be going under the hammer at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France – a truly exceptional occasion to procure a one-of-a-kind car. We foresee some hearty contesting taking place as a consequence.

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