Find a Perfect Offroad Adventure in Your Wrangler

Plan Jeep Adventures Easily With Trails Offroad

Jeep recently unveiled a revamped Wrangler, and the off-road vehicle has remained popular, outselling the newly released Ford Bronco. However, the real head-turner is the latest trail guide system named Trails Offroad that offers amped up features.

Along with its slightly revised exterior and an increase in safety features, the fresh Wrangler also presents the initial workshoppick up on the Trails Offroad guided path system. Consolidating the Wrangler’s renowned off-road achievements, Trails Offroad renders for consumers to find and map out off-road experiences along some of the more exhilarating trails across the nation. Consider it as the off-road adaptation of the Porsche ROADS app where instead of uncovering the optimal driving trails on paved roads, you will be able to identify the most thrilling off-road paths.

Let’s invest some time delving into how it functions and where some of these paths can be located.

Trails Offroad is now available to be downloaded with the new 12.3-inch touchscreen interface powered by Uconnect 5 software. Through the program, drivers can receive trail guides for the 62 Jeep Badge of Honor trails. Previously, users could access information about these places through the Jeep Badge of Honor application whilst gaining points for arriving at different locations or interacting with the other participants in the community.

Being off-road is an amazing experience – one that Trails Offroad amplifies using the in-vehicle infotainment system. Knowledgeable adventurers can look forward to premier destinations, including Utah’s tough Hell’s Revenge track with its daunting ups and downs and splendid views, as well as Jericho Mountain in New Hampshire and the Rubicon Trail in California. The latter holds a special allure for Jeep Wrangler Rubicon devotees who appreciate the vehicle’s Dana 44 HD rear axle and beefy 35-inch wheels on the Rubicon X edition.

There are indeed more than 62 trails available with a subscription to Trail Offroad – in fact, you can access their catalogue of over three thousand routes! You can easily choose between obstacles and different terrain types as well as get an overview of details like key waypoints, with figures like points of interests also readily provided.

The whole catalogue of tracks present on the app features locations across Canada, making it simple for all users to decide if a pathway is suited to their needs. An evaluation from our Trails Offroad professionals and a complexity rating ascertained from 14 metrics serves as a guide for riders when perusing the trails. Every so often, over-the-air operation enables us to continually give users up-to-date information on the quality and intricacy of each trail.

Trails Offroad is an incredible enlargement to the Wrangler’s expansive selection of off-road equipment, from its imposing 8,000-pound Warn winch, to the extraordinary 100:1 ratio for crawling, four dissimilar 4×4 systems and Dana axle sets at the front and rear.

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