First Glimpse – Mercedes-AMG GT4 vs. Porsche Taycan

AMG’s First Electric Car Powered by EA Architecture

Unveiled in February of 2022, the Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4Matic+ has come out as one of the quickest modern products from the German carmaker. In its most powerful edition, this EV sedan could not compete with the Porsche Taycan’s impressive speed. As a result, it appears that Mercedes-AMG is working on an even more intense electric sedan. Reports suggest it will not bear the label EQE; this automobile is on track to evolve into a distinctive vehicle.

Spying eyes have glimpsed the initial shots of what looks to be Mercedes-AMG’s GT4 EV. Unclear whether or not it will keep the designation when it goes on sale, but there is an internal code name for this vehicle––C295. From the photos, one recognizes that the trial vehicle is modeled after the EQE; however, the ultimate outcome will differ greatly.

The external view of this electric trial vehicle displays low-profile tires and revamped wheel arches that fit a broader range. Although most of what is visible today will not be included in the manufacture version, the general shape and ratio should remain relatively intact.

Not a lot is known yet about the aesthetics of the model, though we do have some details about the electrical powertrain beneath the panels. Rumours from the grapevine are suggesting that the zero-emissions 4-door may deliver up to 1000 horsepower, with speculation that this will be composed of two or possibly even three motors. It’s important to stress that the GT4 EV – the name of which has still not been induced officially – has been constructed from the ground up and won’t just be a variant of the EQE 53.

As a prompt reminder, last May Mercedes-AMG revealed the Vision AMG Concept in preparation for a forthcoming all-electric exclusive car from the brand. The concept vehicle was based on the novel AMG.EA platform, which is purported to also be the foundational architecture of AMG’s first fully electric production model. It is consensus that features spawned from the concept such as its integrated six LED lights into the rear diffuser, will remain intact on its production counterpart.

Source: SH Proshots

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