Ford: Best in Cars, Trucks, Vans

EV Sales Soar: Reaches #2 Spot.

According to the findings from Ford’s 2023 sales reports, the Mustang has outstripped any other athletics vehicle made available in the United States – not only the Challenger and Camaro from Dodge and Chevrolet respectively. Whereas these competitors are on their way to the automobile graveyard in the heavens, other sports vehicles haven’t followed suit yet.

In 2023, a total of 48,605 Mustangs were purchased, surpassing sales accumulated from the Mazda MX-5 Miata and Toyota Supra. This is especially remarkable taking into account Toyota’s current prevalence of sport vehicle transactions.

Once several other auto manufacturers publish their sales figures from last year, we will deliver a complete sales report. At present though, let’s have a closer inspection of Ford. Undoubtedly, it is dominating the market with more than just two-door vehicles.

Apart from marketing oodles of Mustangs, Dearborn likewise sold a grand tally of 31 Ford GT supercars, exclusive of the 67-unit 800-horsepower GT Mk IV track toy declared at the conclusion of 2022. Trucks being everyone’s preference in sales, the F-Series was America’s top truck for the 47th continuous year and the most popular vehicle for 42 straight years.

Specifically, a total of 750,789 F-Series trucks were sold in the preceding year, with the F-150 Lightning representing the highest-selling electric powered vehicle of the 12 months. Apart from Tesla, Ford was no other company who sold more electrical cars across America.

The supremacy remains dominant in the common area: The F-150 Hybrid was the 2nd most popular hybrid pickup truck in America, with only the Maverick Hybrid surpassing it in sales.

By 2023, Ford concluded their 45th consecutive year of leading the market in commercial vehicle sales (including electric vans). This accomplishment cements their position atop the rankings for commercial van purchases.

Despite the generally beneficial situation, Ford has encountered some adversity over the years. Notably, their record for recalls is approaching a three-year high, overshadowing rival automakers in that regard. Additionally, the recently resolved UAW strike was a major source of annoyance and difficulties.

As we now turn our attention to the future, 2024 stands out as a noteworthy year as it marks 60 years since the first production of the Ford Mustang. Anticipation is rising that there will be some noteworthy commemoration going on throughout the year with special editions and events occurring in its honour. Perhaps even more surprisingly, word on the street has it that Ford seeks to tackle the Nurburgring in under seven minutes. Naturally the Mustang GTD, with its qualities akin to a supercar, appears to have what it takes to take up this challenge.

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