Ford Bronco & F-Series Aid Disaster Relief

Ford Gives $2.5 Mil and Trucks to Team Rubicon

To support citizens of the United States, Ford Motor Corporation, in partnership with Team Rubicon and the Ford Fund, unveiled a fresh disaster relief undertaking which strives to aid towns affected by natural disasters throughout America.

The Team Rubicon Powered by Ford project consists of a generous contribution of $2.5 million in addition to a selection of Ford automobiles and recreational vehicles. Specifically, Ford gave Team Rubicon ten F-150 XL Hybrids, three F-150 Lightning Pros, two F-350 Super Duty units, and a twosome of Bronco SUVs with the Sasquatch Package.

Based upon numerous investigations, Ford reported that approximately 90% of counties in the United States went through a federal difficulty related to climate conditions between 2011 and 2021. Team Rubicon is an organization that quickly springs into action in order to help out places severely affected by destruction brought on by violent storms, hurricanes, and other natural calamities.

Live Event from Ford World Headquarters: Ford expands partnership with Team Rubicon

“At the core of Ford lies our dedication to aiding our communities in times of hardship and providing our employees with the opportunity to give their time and abilities to assist others,” declared Bill Ford, executive chair. “Unfortunately, weather-related catastrophes in the United States are becoming more frequent and more intense.”

Throughout the years, Ford has demonstrated its commitment to aiding communities affected by disasters in a plethora of ways. Last summer, intense floods wreaked havoc on Kentucky and the Dearborn-based manufacturer responded by supplying an array of F-150 Lightning pickups to provide electricity to places which lacked power. Similarly, Mazda and Toyota pitched in with their own contribution to help those in need.

Ford has been supporting communities across the globe for many years, ranging from regions affected by earthquakes in Turkey to those suffering from Hurricane Harvey. Apart from providing financial help, earlier occasions have seen Ford sending vehicles and various necessary resources to sites of distress.

Team Rubicon is renowned globally. Founded after the Haiti earthquake in 2010, this veteran-led organisation has now grown to encompass a massive 160,000 volunteers across all 50 states of America. Through the years, their response operation has filtered into over 1,100 international and domestic disasters.

“At the heart of it all are shared values – Team Rubicon and Ford are both dedicated to the idea of service, and the goal of building and strengthening communities. We are passionate about giving back, and this fleet of Ford vehicles, along with the Ford Fund investment, will help us to reach more people who have been affected by crises and disasters,” said Art delaCruz, CEO of Team Rubicon and retired US Naval officer.

The F-150 Hybrids boast a 7.2 kW Pro Power Onboard system, the Lightning models are provided with a 9.6 kW edition, while the F-350s have the 2.0 kW Pro Power Onboard. Along with these features, buyers get five years of Ford Pro Fleet Management software, extended coverage under a warranty policy, and organized preventive maintenance.

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