Ford F-150 Horror Show: Worst Model Ever For Sale

Burn it to Ashes.

Available right now in South Africa is a reconstructed Ford F-150 for approximately R400,000, which translates into around $22,000. It may appear to be a Ford owing to the many different brands it exhibits, including Audi, Toyota, and Isuzu logos.

It’s fitted with two small foglights with a hilariously random grill bezel in between them.Truly, this is one of the most astonishing car transformations we have observed in 2018, and where to begin is a total head-scratcher. While it may be logical to start from the front, we can actually get the full picture here. At first glance, we can view an outdoor intercooler which really has no relevancy given the situation. Accompanying it are two narrow foglights linked by a clownish grille ornament.

The embellishments adorning the hood are an affront to all hoods around the world, not to mention the addition of a modern F-150 grille which is placed where the original one used to be. It seems that this engine is only receiving ventilation via the large slit cut into the hood, which can actually be considered good news. This means that there is greater potential for the motor to combust faster, in turn, hopefully eradicating this abhorrent car atrocity from existence.

Taking a glance at the engine bay picture, it’s evident that this automobile is operating based on terrible good judgement and nonsensical apparatus. We can spot an accumulation of pressure meters appearing to be strayed from any hookup, a cord for a Pioneer audio components, a NOS bottle merely employed as an ornamental object, and two air intake cones connected to the motor’s primitive air cleaner. This engine bay is more or less a meltdown looking for somewhere to occur, and the holder made assured that there’s copious amounts to tolerate it ablation longer than a lithium-ion cell.

The interior is a monstrosity. Its proprietor had aspirations to make it appear fierce, with a chain-linked steering wheel and a skull affixed at its center. However, it looks more akin to something one would find rummaging through Walmart’s dumpsters once the holidays of Halloween and Christmas have passed. The gaudy decorations appear as though pillaged from a methamphetamine addict’s Christmas tree.

Car enthusiasts may do a double-take when they spot the Toyota, Isuzu, and Audi decals on this ride’s interior. You won’t find any others like it if you’re scouring AutoZone alley! In addition, this vehicle is equipped with an impressive audio system – perfect for covering up the startled looks from passersby as you motor around town.

The bed might be the most peculiar section of the construction, which is saying quite a lot. A turbocharger has been installed on the bed, but it’s merely connected to an unseen battery pack beneath it. This probably empowers the turbo, allowing for some kind of boost-like sound, yet why?

The inclusion of four further NOS bottles places the grand total at eight, accounting for the three phony NOS flasks present in the footwell of the passenger seat. We harbour a strong suspicion that these aren’t even genuine products. Appearances indicate they look more like discarded large water receptacles, alternatively painted in blue and adorned with the renowned NOS sticker.

The exclusive advantage of this automobile is the V8 engine. It appears to’ve been entirely remodeled, however, why put out $22,000 for an engine when you could secure one from Walmart at a more economical price?

This car ought to be immolated in flames, its residue then to be spread throughout the seven terrestrial regions.


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