Ford F-250: Secretive Oil-Burning Restomod

Mystery Vehicle: Ford Exterior, Unexpected Engine

This 1975 Ford F-250 speaks to a more assertive type of offroading; it keeps its classic Blue Oval origins while implementing a more audacious aesthetic. Currently listed on the Mecum Auctions website, it will be up for auction on November 11th, 2023 in Las Vegas.

“Wheelie,” the beloved truck, began its life as a 1975 factory crew cab, short-bed pickup. Of the 2,123 units produced that year, this one stands out with its extensive modifications beyond the exterior. Unlike other F-250 builds we’ve seen, such as the Harley-Davidson F-250 truck for bikers, this one is truly unique.

Beneath the hood of Wheelie lies a ferocious 24-valve P-pump Cummins turbo diesel engine. This radical swap will undoubtedly be disappointing to traditionalists who favor remaining within the same powertrain family. Additionally, it’s equipped with an NV5600 6-speed manual transmission and a Southbend twin-disc clutch.

This setup gets a Hamilton 188/220 cam, upgraded head gasket and fire rings, Killer Dowel upgrade, together with a set of 103-pound valve springs. To top it off, the DPS turbo kit features a 64 mm turbo, ARP studs, plus a P-7100 Street Pump for that extra punch.

This endeavor has procured a host of components for the project truck, including a Keating Machine Billet Tappet Cover, Valve Cover, Crazy Carl’s Tunnel Ram, Fleece Performance Coolant Bypass Kit, FASS Titanium Series Fuel Pump, Pacbrakes Inline-Mount 4-inch PRXB Exhaust Brake Kit and MBRP 4-inch Exhaust. In addition, a set of ARB Air Compressors and PTO Coolers have been fitted to the transmission cover, coupled with a Fluidampr to maintain adequate temperatures within the gearbox.

Feringer’s Enterprises situated in Fairmount City, Pennsylvania were the ones responsible for providing the electrical components of the project. Simultaneously, in Wasilla, Alaska, Geatland Welding took up the task to custom-fabricate the double fuel tanks necessary for the truck.

In order to make tackling difficult terrain a breeze, this truck is equipped with an NP241DHD transfer case as well as Dana axles at the front and rear. Some other helpful touches that make off-roading easier include ARB lockers, Warn hubs, reduced truss kit for increased strength, knuckle gussets for increased durability, traction bars, and rebuilt 4.10 gear.

The frame of the F-250 has been altered to enhance its sturdiness, exacerbated by fitting a 2001 F-350 Snow Package leaf spring in the front and a 2020 F-450 Platinum single part-spring at the rear, completed with an adaptation spring carrier kit.

It is clear from the expansive variety of upgrades that this pickup truck was formulated to defeat any obstacle found while traversing Alaska’s terrain.

The exterior maintains its classic F-250 appearance, however the automobile does have several custom additions such as its radiator grille and guards, featuring built-in Smittybilt 12,000-pound winches. It also contains numerous Decepticon insignias located all over the lorry.

The construct also sits atop Fuel off-road rims with BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A tires. It additionally has other additions that assist in hitching, like a SuperTruss rear hitcher and a B&W gooseneck connector.

“Wheelie” is equipped with a Horn Blasters outlaw train horn and Rigid LED E-Series Midnight Edition lights, providing improved illumination in the dark.

On the inside, this vehicle seamlessly combines luxury and practicality with 2008 F150 seats and a Vintage Air temperature control apparatus. It is not as outrageous as the MegaRexx F-250 Super Duty conversion into a 10-passenger SUV; however, it upholds a classic ’70s appearance.

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