Ford Installs 3D Printers in Truck Beds

What New Idea Will They Come Up With?

In recent years, Ford has been tirelessly inventing novel concepts for their collection of truck beds, and CarBuzz recently discovered the most unprecedented plan yet. They uncovered a plan at the German Patent and Trademark Office for a 3D printer being integrated into the accessories section of the future’s F-150 models.

This creation would collaborate with the new invention Ford patented not long ago, a robotic arm. The intention of this would be to deploy the technology in building sites for making components that are essential on the spot. Moreover, the patent points out that the outlined technique can also be employed with other tools, such as a paving machine designed for repaving roads.

The specific patent outlines an electric-powered automobile, which could either be a hybrid or pure battery electric vehicle (BEV), but cites that a combustion engine might be set up to drive the various proposed components. Additionally, there are references cited regarding cameras and different types of censors such as light and ranging ones. The patent also shows support for operation through Bluetooth or ultra-wideband technology.

This will make it feasible for the 3D printer to be manipulated via an application or even by a key fob. For it to run without anyone controlling it, an element of autonomous-driving and AI would be required; however, to keep prices down, the idea proposes utilizing present scanners including blind-spot monitors to manage these bed-placed extras.

Sensors of this type could also establish communication between a truck and its trailer, making possible autonomous harvesting, to give one example.

The essence of this patent is that Ford envisions an automobile to be deployed for a wide array of applications: with the integration of AI and autonomous navigational technology, a pickup truck of tomorrow presumably might sweep roads, fix potholes, print off 3D components and even establish new pathways – without having to rely on anything other than downloading of sketches and routes.

Since its beginnings, Ford has been known for its drive towards cutting-edge truck design. Although a plethora of invention ideas often don’t make it past the idea phase, the automaker has spent time focusing on the multifunctional cargo bed as well as its robotic arm–which implies that there is a definite possibility of these models entering production.

It may sound odd presently, though this is the way the F-150 seeks to stay the top-sold truck in the U.S., even amidst the EV period.

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