Ford Mustang: Production to Continue Past 2028

Ford Denies Reports: Not True

In accordance with the ratified Ford-UAW union bargain, production of the current Ford Mustang S650 will terminate in a matter of four years from now, i.e., 2028. As part of the labor agreement, Ford was obligated to provide information regarding its manufacture schemes, including the whereabouts of manufacture for individual automobiles. Unless these public assurances were given, the UAW could not trust that their members’ employments would remain secure in the meantime.

The termination of the V8-energized Mustang is near, and while we must be appreciative for another four years with fuel-burning engines, coming to terms with what’s to come is a challenging notion to come to grip with, particularly since we are all cognizant of what follows.

UPDATE: Despite the report from MC&T, Ford has denied allegations that S650 Mustang production is set to end in 2028. The publicized UAW contract only states that “Mustang will continue” at Flat Rock Assembly and “Pending program approval new product will be added.” Ford released an official statement saying: “The Muscle Cars & Trucks report about Mustang is not accurate. Beyond this, we don’t comment on speculation about future products.”

All the way back in January of 2021, a report suggested the Mustang Coupe would be converted to an all-electric variant by 2028, and the confirmation of the S650’s demise in that same year appears to cement it. There were once expectations of the S650 being outfitted as both a hybrid and with all-wheel drive abilities, yet these ideas were discarded when Ford acknowledged the Mustang Mach-E had granted them enough Corporate Average Fuel Economy credits to carry on selling a regular V8 motor.

Hybrid powertech is capable of creating massive amounts of force, yet such a powertrain would not directly apply to the S750.Might hybrid power be a potential choice for the S750? Probably and maybe not, as reported by Muscle Cars & Trucks. Hybrid powertech has the capability of producing an immense quantity of power, but this type of powertrain would not suit the S750 precisely.

MC&T is reporting that the coming model will be based upon the Ford GE2.2 platform. This same infrastructure was meant for utilization within the second generation Mach-E, a vehicle to be much advanced as it is specifically focused on EVs. However, as policy fluctuates and consumer craving for new vehicles remains unsure, maybe Ford has plans to adapt the platform so it can handle both gas-powered and electric versions.

Saying that, Stellantis has indicated the possibility of a radiant future for combustion engines if synthetic fuel advances are ongoing. Ford has also indicated their investigation into hydrogen as an alternative motor. It appears that electric vehicles remain the most likely choice; however, there remain too many questions with no answers for us to confirm this at present.

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