Fully Restored ’65 Mustang GT Blazes Arizona Desert

’65 Mustang GT Unveiled at AZ’s Bad Gass Garage

When the first Ford Mustangs debuted in 1964, it created a completely new segment of automobiles referred to as ‘Pony Cars’. The ’64 and ’65 iterations quickly revolutionized the American automotive landscape; with their powerful components coupled together with sleek designs, they initiated a legacy of formidable muscle cars that would become associated with power and style for the decades ahead.

This immaculate 1965 Ford Mustang GT featured on the Muscle Cars With Eric YouTube channel illustrates why this classic car is such a timeless piece of automotive history. In the video, viewers are provided with an exhaustive analysis of the restoration process which involved installing additional Shelby components.

Muscle Car Madness - 1965 MUSTANG GT fully restored at Bad gASS Garage in Kingman, AZ

Eric’s gaze is immediately drawn to the breathtaking ’65 Mustang GT with its classic Highland Green paintwork. Many will recall that this same hue embellishes Steve McQueen’s steed in Bullitt.

The pristine black interior with wooden accents is immaculate. It has been fitted with a freshly rebuilt 1965 shift linkage, as well as vacuum gauges from an initial Shelby variation of the same year. The gauge cluster reveals barely 22,000 miles. Eric discovers that this car still holds its authentic 4-speed transmission and was additionally outfitted with disk brakes from a Shelby to increase brake performance in comparison to the traditional drums.

This Mustang was brought to Bad gASS Garage in Kingman, AZ for a routine tuneup; yet it soon became evident that it necessitated a full engine rebuild. The mechanic revealed the owner decided to take advantage of the situation for an entire rejuvenation. Completely renovated classic Fords typically keep their worth pretty well, making this a considerable additional advantage of the entire project.

Ford crafted 30 distinctive motor alternatives for the principal epoch Ford Mustang as Eric fortified himself at the point when the hood flew up. This vehicle featured the original 289 cubic inches V8 engine which generated a purported 271 horsepower and 312 lb-ft of torque in standard condition.

A comprehensive overhaul of the motor saw a modernised carburettor, improved electronic ignition and a fresh radiator incorporated, in order to make the auto more dependable, as pointed out by the technician to Eric. The engine was set with the traditional air-cleaner modified to fit the new carburettor and factory 1965 Shelby exhaust manifold covers.

Other great additions to the vehicle are a “Monte Carlo” front sway bar and an authentic battery top plate to ensure the engine bay is kept as original as can be. This restoration project illustrates why the 1965 Ford Mustang is a beloved project car, as the final result is truly remarkable.

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